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  1. Act for Relief of the Poor (1601)
  2. Relationship b/w Mental Illness and Homelessness
  3. Veterans (Percentage of homeless men that are vets?)
  4. Definition of Psychology
  5. The Hobo News
  1. a Published in NYC, publisher was Ben (Hobo) Benson, the "Coast Kid" who had been on the road since 1898
    Each issue provided:
    1. advice for hobos (e.g., what places to avoid or what trains to ride)
    2. opinion pieces supporting the hobo lifestyle and railing against government restrictions
    3. Cartoons
    4. Poems
    5. Personal accounts of life on the road
  2. b 41% Homeless Men are veterans
    Homelessness from Great Depression abated when they joined mil in 1940 for WWII
    End of WWII brought homelessness back as a major problem
    Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 (G. I. Bill) helped by providing a range of benefits
  3. c scientific study of the mind and behavior, including physiological and neurobiological processes that underlie mental functions and behavior, and the reciprocal interactions b/w person and environment
    Focus of individual
  4. d England, pop. growth and famine in late 1500s increase number of wandering poor
    Deserving vs. Undeserving
    Act codified 1572 compulsory poor law tax, 1576 idea of workhouses,1597 post of "Overseer of the Poor"
    Laws didn't alleviate poverty
  5. e Association b/w the two
    Majority of homeless not mentally ill (exaggerated by public/media)
    Mental Illness can develop after becoming homeless (generally believed to be the cause) due to trauma, fear

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  1. An individual or family who: lacks a regular, fixed nighttime residence, who will immediately lose their primary nighttime residence, is fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault, other dangerous conditions; Unaccompanied youth under 25 or families w/ children who do not otherwise qualify under homeless under this definition.

    Previous definition was narrow, only helps in determining who needs homeless services at a particular time
  2. 1902-1904 wrote "Life and the Labour of the People in London"
    British businessman, politician, and soc. reformer who org. and directed a major survey of the poor in London
    Lived among the poor as a method of developing pertinent questions
    Laid groundwork for a universal pension sys.
  3. Cabinet Department in the Executive Branch
    Mission is to "increase home-ownership, support community development and increase access to affordable housing free from discrimination"
    established in 1965 (President Lyndon B. Johnson)
  4. new law reformed system, and later when found inadequate, new system again developed in 1929
  5. General public view substance abuse as characteristic of homeless person, many think criminality
    Not the majority have substance abuse/criminality

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  1. Ervin GoffmanOne impetus for deinstitutionalization was a book by Goffman
    Goffman argued that, over time, patients become "institutionalized," contributing to chronicity of mental illness
    Goffman based his conclusions on his participant observation field work


  2. The Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834Created for the Amendment and better admin. of the laws relating to the poor ion England
    Did away with a mix of old laws, created unified strategy
    Stipulated that the poor receiving parish assistance (orphans, widows, unmarried poor women, aged, infirm, homeless) had to live in workhouses and perform work


  3. Skid Rowrun-down urban area with a large, impoverished population


  4. What are some major Social Science research methods? Advantages/Disadvantages of each1929, found inadequate b/c of new problems dealing with the Great Depression and following WWI and Industrial Revolution


  5. Nels Anderson1930 wrote "The Milk and Honey Route"
    Sociologist used ethnography and survey research to study hobo/tramp culture/Chicago and New York Skid Rows
    He provided a glossary with his writing of hobo terms


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