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  1. Deserving vs. Undeserving
  2. Skid Row
  3. Vagabonds
  4. Relationship b/w Substance Abuse and Homelessness
  5. Stuart Al Rice
  1. a run-down urban area with a large, impoverished population
  2. b Act for Relief of the Poor (1601)
    Distinguished b/w:
    "Deserving" (elderly, young, families)
    "Undeserving" (criminals, beggars)
  3. c Wanderer
    Someone who moves from place to place without a fixed home
  4. d General public view substance abuse as characteristic of homeless person, many think criminality
    Not the majority have substance abuse/criminality
  5. e 1918 wrote "The Homeless"
    Superintendent of New York's Municipal Lodging House, wrote article ("The Homeless") that lead to significant advances in social policy
    Four-tiered classification system
    1. The Self-Supported
    2. The Temporary Dependent
    3. The Chronically Dependent
    4. The Parasitic
    Called for a farm colony outside the city came to be in 1934 with the establishment of a work camp at Camp La Guardia

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  1. An individual or family who: lacks a regular, fixed nighttime residence, who will immediately lose their primary nighttime residence, is fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault, other dangerous conditions; Unaccompanied youth under 25 or families w/ children who do not otherwise qualify under homeless under this definition.

    Previous definition was narrow, only helps in determining who needs homeless services at a particular time
  2. Published in NYC, publisher was Ben (Hobo) Benson, the "Coast Kid" who had been on the road since 1898
    Each issue provided:
    1. advice for hobos (e.g., what places to avoid or what trains to ride)
    2. opinion pieces supporting the hobo lifestyle and railing against government restrictions
    3. Cartoons
    4. Poems
    5. Personal accounts of life on the road
  3. Great Depression dev, many WWI vets out of work and many homeless
    1932, "Bonus Army" was an assemblage of 43,000 marchers (17,000 WWI vets and families) that gathered in Washington DC to demand immediate cash redemption of service certificates
    Eventually received bonuses in 1936
  4. Makeshift houses built by homeless people during the Great Depression as part of Bonus Army
    Named after Herbert Hoover, who was President, blamed
  5. Obama Care
    ability to stay on parent's healthcare

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  1. WorkhousesPlace where those unable to support themselves were offered accommodation and employment (USA)


  2. Henry MayhewPlace where those unable to support themselves were offered accommodation and employment (England)


  3. What are some major Social Science research methods? Advantages/Disadvantages of each1929, found inadequate b/c of new problems dealing with the Great Depression and following WWI and Industrial Revolution


  4. Philip Gibbs1935 wrote "England Speaks"
    British journalist
    Described England through the lives of people in different circumstances, including homeless people


  5. Social Security ActAugust 14th, 1935 drafted by Roosevelt as part of New Deal
    Attempt to limit old age, poverty, unemployment
    Provided benefits to retirees and the unemployed, and a lump-sum benefit at death