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biology exam 2

As a result of glycolysis there is a NET gain of _______ ATPs.
prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
Which of the following represents the phases of mitosis in their proper sequence?
S phase - DNA replication
Which following pair is correctly matched
The product of the preparatory reaction is ________.
CO2 fixation, CO2 reduction, and RuBP regeneration.
The three stages of the Calvin cycle reactions are
What organelle is used during the process of cellular respiration?
plant cell undergoing cytokinesis
Susan was examining a cell under the microscope and noticed the formation of a cell plate in the midline of the cell and the formation of nuclei at opposite poles of the cell. The cell under examination was most likely a(n) _________.
Cellular respiration is the opposite of what other cellular process?
oxygen; water
The final electron acceptor at the end of the electron transport chain is ___ resulting in formation of ___.
a phosphate group is removed from ATP yielding ADP + P + energy.
Energy is released from ATP when
Interphase consists of G1, S, and G2.
Which of the following statements is correct regarding the events of the cell cycle?
The additional pigments are able to absorb other light wavelengths that chlorophyll cannot
. Why do plants contain other pigments besides chlorophyll?
Replacement electrons for the reaction center of photosystem II are derived from __________.
The figure below shows a cell in the mitotic stage of ________.
. A product of glycolysis is ______
The structure labeled "c" in the following figure is called the ________.
. removal of H atoms to form new molecules
What is oxidation?
How many turns of the Calvin cycle would be required for a plant to make one molecule of glucose?
The light reactions act much as a battery to power the reactions of the Calvin cycle. This energy is stored as
If three molecules of glucose went through cellular respiration, how many times would the preparatory reaction occur?
The figure below shows a cell in the mitotic stage of
Which of the following organisms can perform photosynthesis?
glycolysis and citric acid cycle
When you exhale what two stages are producing the carbon dioxide you are breathing out?
. energy in ATP
Cellular respiration uses oxygen to convert the chemical energy stored in organic molecules into ________.
DNA is completely replicated AND damage to DNA can be repaired
The G2 checkpoint prevents the cell cycle from continuing until ________.
move phosphate groups to ATP synthase
As electrons are passed down the electron transport chain, the energy released is used immediately to
DNA synthesis
A cell is inhibited during the S phase of its cycle. It will not reproduce due to lack of
H2O PSII electron transport chain PSI electron transport chain NADPH
The light reactions of photosynthesis are said to be similar to a battery because they form a current. In which direction do the electrons of this circuit flow?
oxygen is not present
Fermentation occurs if ________.
DNA and histones form beadlike globules known as __________.
during Mitosis
When during the cell cycle are chromosomes visible?
gain of electrons; loss of electrons
In a redox reaction, reduction means _________, and oxidation means _________.
The number of ATP produced during cellular respiration from one glucose molecule is ________.
The end product of the Calvin cycle reactions is ___________.
Avoid a high fiber, low sodium diet.
Rick had a high incidence of cancer in his family. Four of the following five statements are preventative measures to avoid cancer. Which of the following is not correct?
conversion of 3PG to G3P
Which of the following events does NOT take place in the light reactions?