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  1. Han
  2. Savannah
  3. Mandate of Heaven
  4. Japan made this into their own religion
  5. CIvil Service Exam
  1. a introduced to find eldligable canadates for govorment positions
  2. b Zen Buddism
  3. c What was the name of the great classical Chinese Dynasty?
  4. d empoor was given this, said to be sent by god
  5. e grassy regions that are in the south& east of the Saraha Desert

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  1. Zimbabway
  2. Which Asian people fiercely resisted sinification?
  3. city thats located on an island in currect day Kenya and was a major trading city
  4. the capital and largest city of Somalia, made a great living trading in the Inidna Ocean
  5. the emperor that reunified china after the collapse of the Zhou dynasty

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  1. because they thought that there was no way Africans could have built it, they thought that africans were backward and probably not quite humanWhy did Europeans assume Zimbabwe was build by Europeans?


  2. different families were all ruling at the same time, and commanders of armies were ruling more than the actual emperorwhat is the classical dynasty in china


  3. Han; happened at the same time as Europewhat is the classical dynasty in china


  4. Seppukudry and mainly treeless area in the Sahel- Sudan


  5. Timbuktuone of Mansamusa's greatest citys


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