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  1. introduced standard units of money, restored and unified the great wall of china, tomb is gaurded by 7,000 Terracotta soldiers, hated confucianism so had everything destroyed
  2. Ethiopia
  3. How was Shing- han di's rule legalist?
  4. land bridge
  5. Qin, Han, Song, Tang
  1. a What were Shih huang-di's accomplishments?
  2. b said to have connected Asia and Alaska, this is believe to be how the native amercians got to the new world
  3. c He thought everyone was evil.
  4. d What are the 4 dynasties (old to new) of china?
  5. e used to be called Axum, is a christian kingdom today

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  1. Zen Buddism
  2. chineese capital city, grew to approximently 2 million
  3. the honnor code of the Samurai
  4. Which Asian people willingly copied Chinese culture?
  5. What was the purpose of Aztec human sacrifices?

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  1. Han; happened at the same time as Europewhat is the classical dynasty in china


  2. Shogunmilitary commanders; ran the country behind the thrones


  3. because they thought that there was no way Africans could have built it, they thought that africans were backward and probably not quite humanwhat is the classical dynasty in china


  4. Marco Polovietnam travler, kublai kan was ruler of china when he came to visit


  5. Savannahgrassy regions that are in the south& east of the Saraha Desert