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  1. Ethiopia
  2. Song and Tang
  3. CIvil Service Exam
  4. Machu Picchu
  5. introduced standard units of money, the sternpost rudder, compus, paper, civil service exams, production of silk, moveable wooden type (to write newspapers), water wheel, abacus (calculator), water clock, gun powder
  1. a What were some Chinese inventions during this post-classical dynasty?
  2. b What was the name of the great post-classical Chinese dynasty?
  3. c an Incan city that was biult of stone
  4. d introduced to find eldligable canadates for govorment positions
  5. e used to be called Axum, is a christian kingdom today

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  1. city thats located on an island in currect day Kenya and was a major trading city
  2. in 1200's famous muslum tavler came to Mali and described it in his book.
  3. The capital city of the Incan Empire, Located in present-day Peru
  4. Seppuku
  5. Samari

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  1. famous for CALENDER-which ends in 2012; famous for pyramids; (know differences and similarities of Egyptains and MayansSamari


  2. Savannahkingdom of west Africa, upper class eventually converted to Isalm


  3. Muslimwhat is the religion in northern africa


  4. Steppedry and mainly treeless area in the Sahel- Sudan


  5. Lady Murasakiauthor of the Tale of Genji which was the first novel