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  1. CIvil Service Exam
  2. Savannah
  3. Steppe
  4. Tale of the Genji
  5. Bantu
  1. a introduced to find eldligable canadates for govorment positions
  2. b grassy regions that are in the south& east of the Saraha Desert
  3. c the largest group of people that lived in Africa, most africans in the rest of africa are decendants of this grou, they had no written language& basic unit of society was a clan
  4. d dry and mainly treeless area in the Sahel- Sudan
  5. e worlds first novel, was about the affiars of a japaneese prince

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  1. led a great Mongolan invation , was one of Chinghis Khan's grandsons
  2. Olmecs
  3. chineese capital city, grew to approximently 2 million
  4. Bushio
  5. raised piece of land, makes it hard to approch this land from the sea

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  1. Axum/Kushwas a kingdom to the east of the Kush,& conqured Kush arround 350 A.D.


  2. ShogunWhat was the name of the great classical Chinese Dynasty?


  3. one of the 7 wonders of the world; part of the incaMachupechu


  4. Hankingdom of west Africa, upper class eventually converted to Isalm


  5. squash, potatos, beans, maizeWhat are the 4 main Central and South American crops discovered by the spanish?