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  1. land bridge
  2. Axum/Kush
  3. violent; HUMAN SACRIFICE; capital-Tenochtitlan(built on a lake now Mexico City); last ruler in Moctezuma; Cortez conquered him and did it with few men
  4. Qin, Han, Song, Tang
  5. Marco Polo
  1. a What are the 4 dynasties (old to new) of china?
  2. b said to have connected Asia and Alaska, this is believe to be how the native amercians got to the new world
  3. c vietnam travler, kublai kan was ruler of china when he came to visit
  4. d Aztecs
  5. e Which African kingdom became and remains a christian people?

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  1. aztecs capital, was biult on a lake in the vally of mexico, it is Mexico city today
  2. Machupechu
  3. lead an armed rebellion in 39 CE, unfourtnatlly it was crush& the Vietnamese were unable to secure indeoendence for another 900 years
  4. Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztecs and conquered Mexico
  5. the honnor code of the Samurai

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  1. on the east coast; europeans didnt think they built it; capital (then)-Mogadishu, now-SamaliMachupechu


  2. different families were all ruling at the same time, and commanders of armies were ruling more than the actual emperorDescride feudalism in Japan.


  3. Vietnam?kingdom of west Africa, upper class eventually converted to Isalm


  4. Machu Picchuan Incan city that was biult of stone


  5. Acupuncturea medical tequnique, said to relieve stress by the use of needles