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  1. Muslim
  2. oldest (new world); foundation of all civilization in Mezo (middle) america; people think that their is a connection between them and africa cuz of the identical statues
  3. Bushido
  4. Mali
  5. Trung Sisters
  1. a the honnor code of the Samurai
  2. b replaced Ghana, made their wealth from trade of gold, salt,& slaves, greatest king was Mansamusa who ruled 8million people, &he was famous for his haji where he passed out gold to everyone
  3. c Olmecs
  4. d lead an armed rebellion in 39 CE, unfourtnatlly it was crush& the Vietnamese were unable to secure indeoendence for another 900 years
  5. e what is the religion in northern africa

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  1. collection of knotted ropes used to keep data
  2. an Incan city that was biult of stone
  3. worlds first novel, was about the affiars of a japaneese prince
  4. What were some Chinese inventions during this post-classical dynasty?
  5. was the last emperor (Aztecs) at the time Cortez arrived in 1519 and conquerd the city

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  1. located in south america; PERU (heartland); quipu (knots), roads, growing potatoes, capital Cuzco; Pizzaro conquered Inca; MachupechuWhy do some scholars see a human link between America and Egypt?


  2. famous for CALENDER-which ends in 2012; famous for pyramids; (know differences and similarities of Egyptains and MayansMayans


  3. violent; HUMAN SACRIFICE; capital-Tenochtitlan(built on a lake now Mexico City); last ruler in Moctezuma; Cortez conquered him and did it with few menSamari


  4. "divine wind"Kamicazi


  5. GhanaWhat was the name of the great classical Chinese Dynasty?


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