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  1. myocardium
  2. anthrax
  3. platelets
  4. necrosis
  5. aterioles
  1. a small branches of arteries
  2. b blood clotters
  3. c caused by bacillus antracis, skin sores or fatal septicemia and hemmorage; transferred by contact or inhalation; treated with penecillan
  4. d muscle layer of the heart
  5. e tissue death

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  1. carry blood away from the heart
  2. small vessels that connect capillaries to veins
  3. filters mucus and saliva
  4. AKA- childbirth fever, strep infection of the uterus; tx with penecillin
  5. surrounds the heart

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  1. septicemiacaused by Frabcisella tularecis, symptoms: sores, swollen lymph nodes, septicemia, pneumonia; treatment: streptomycin


  2. lymph nodesimmune cells


  3. lymphatic vesselsfilter lymph between the cells


  4. Typhuscaused by Yersenia pestis, 2 different forms: Bubonic- swollen lymph nodes, septicemia, and death in 1 wk. Pneumonic: lung infection, septicemia, and death in 3 days. transferred by rats and fleas; treatment with antibiotics


  5. basophilssecrete histamine and heprine