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  1. basophils
  2. aterioles
  3. plague
  4. Toxoplasmosis
  5. endocarditis
  1. a inflammation of the endocardium, symptoms: fever, anemia, weakness and heart murmur
  2. b caused by Yersenia pestis, 2 different forms: Bubonic- swollen lymph nodes, septicemia, and death in 1 wk. Pneumonic: lung infection, septicemia, and death in 3 days. transferred by rats and fleas; treatment with antibiotics
  3. c secrete histamine and heprine
  4. d small branches of arteries
  5. e caused by Protozoans; transferred by cats and their litter. Mild symptoms in children and adults, can cause fetal damage; treated pyrimethamine

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  1. filters the blood
  2. inner lining of the heart
  3. carry blood to the heart
  4. carry lymph to the subclavian veins
  5. caused by bacillus antracis, skin sores or fatal septicemia and hemmorage; transferred by contact or inhalation; treated with penecillan

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  1. myocardiummuscle layer of the heart


  2. Mononucleosistissue death


  3. ischemiacaused by Frabcisella tularecis, symptoms: sores, swollen lymph nodes, septicemia, pneumonia; treatment: streptomycin


  4. tonsilscarry blood to the heart


  5. arteriescarry blood away from the heart