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  1. Undulant fever
  2. monocytes
  3. spleen
  4. Mononucleosis
  5. Typhus
  1. a caused by EB virus, transferred by spit; symptoms: fatigue and cold-like symtoms, stays dormant in B cells
  2. b macrophages
  3. c caused by Rickettsasis; Transferred by insects, attacks endothelial cells; symptoms: fever, rash, kidney, and heart failure. Treatment with tetracycline or Chloraphenic
  4. d caused by Brucella, transferred by milk or grazing animals; Symptoms: fever, chills, sores, necrosis: treatment: tetracycline and streptomycin for several weeks
  5. e filters the blood

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  1. filter lymph between the cells
  2. carry lymph to the subclavian veins
  3. small vessels that connect capillaries to veins
  4. phagocytes (eaters)
  5. caused by bacillus antracis, skin sores or fatal septicemia and hemmorage; transferred by contact or inhalation; treated with penecillan

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  1. Toxoplasmosiscaused by Protozoans; transferred by cats and their litter. Mild symptoms in children and adults, can cause fetal damage; treated pyrimethamine


  2. RBCscarry blood to the heart


  3. basophilssecrete histamine and heprine


  4. eosinophilsallergies, attack parasites


  5. necrosistissue death