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  1. platelets
  2. lymph nodes
  3. septicemia
  4. anthrax
  5. Rheumatic fever
  1. a filter lymph between the cells
  2. b autoimmune destruction of immune valves after systemic strep infection
  3. c caused by bacillus antracis, skin sores or fatal septicemia and hemmorage; transferred by contact or inhalation; treated with penecillan
  4. d bacteria growing in the blood, can cause shock
  5. e blood clotters

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  1. small vessels that connect capillaries to veins
  2. have a biconcave shape, no nucleus, filled with hemoglobin which has Fe atomsd that carry O2
  3. carry lymph to the subclavian veins
  4. carry blood to the heart
  5. carry blood away from the heart

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  1. Chagascaused by trypanodium cruzi; transferred from wild animals> kissing bugs> humans. Travels from Blood to the organs; causes them to swell or shut down; treatment- Nifrutimax


  2. capillariesbranches of arteries, only 1 layer thick, where gases and nutrients exchange between and tissues


  3. pericardiuminner lining of the heart


  4. Yellow Fevercaused by arbovirus; transferred by misquitoes; symptoms: fever, chills, HA, and liver failure (Jaundice) Vaccine is available


  5. Puerperal sepsiscaused by Protozoans; transferred by cats and their litter. Mild symptoms in children and adults, can cause fetal damage; treated pyrimethamine


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