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  1. ischemia
  2. Yellow Fever
  3. endocarditis
  4. Malaria
  5. Puerperal sepsis
  1. a caused by arbovirus; transferred by misquitoes; symptoms: fever, chills, HA, and liver failure (Jaundice) Vaccine is available
  2. b interupted blood supply
  3. c caused by plasmodium, tranferred by anopneles misquito; enters blood, liver and brain cells and cause them to burst; treatment Quinine
  4. d inflammation of the endocardium, symptoms: fever, anemia, weakness and heart murmur
  5. e AKA- childbirth fever, strep infection of the uterus; tx with penecillin

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  1. muscle layer of the heart
  2. secrete histamine and heprine
  3. filters the blood
  4. caused by EB virus, transferred by spit; symptoms: fatigue and cold-like symtoms, stays dormant in B cells
  5. small branches of arteries

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  1. anthraxcarry blood away from the heart


  2. Rheumatic fevercaused by Brucella, transferred by milk or grazing animals; Symptoms: fever, chills, sores, necrosis: treatment: tetracycline and streptomycin for several weeks


  3. plateletscaused by Yersenia pestis, 2 different forms: Bubonic- swollen lymph nodes, septicemia, and death in 1 wk. Pneumonic: lung infection, septicemia, and death in 3 days. transferred by rats and fleas; treatment with antibiotics


  4. Tularemiacaused by Frabcisella tularecis, symptoms: sores, swollen lymph nodes, septicemia, pneumonia; treatment: streptomycin


  5. eosinophilsallergies, attack parasites