Adrenal Cortex: 3 Layers

17 terms by BethRN08

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three layers of Adrenal cortex

Zona Glomerulosa
Zona Fasciculata
Zona Reticularis

Zona Reticularis

Innermost layer of the cortex
Produces adrenal sex hormones
Most are androgens that are converted to testosterone in tissue cells or estrogens in females

Zona Fasciculata

Middle zone of the cortex

Zona Glomerulosa

Most superficial layer of the cortex

Zona Glomerulosa

Produce mineralocorticoids

Zona Glomerulosa

Regulates electrolytes/minerals, Na+ and K+ in extracellular fluid

Zona Glomerulosa

Na+: most important cation in the ECF
Where Na+ travels, so goes water
Changes in Na+ concentration impacts changes in blood volume/pressure

Zona Glomerulosa

Most potent mineralocorticoid: aldosterone

Zona Glomerulosa

K+: sets RMP of cells

Zona Glomerulosa

Determines ease of AP generation threshold

Zona Fasciculata

Secretes metabolic hormones, glucocorticoids (cortisol)

Zona Fasciculata

Functions include metabolic, developmental, and anti-inflammatory

Zona Fasciculata

Release is based on negative feedback system

Zona Fasciculata

Stress (due to cortisol) triggers rise in blood glucose

Zona Fasciculata

Gluconeogenesis functions to "save" glucose for the brain

Zona Fasciculata

Cortisol $ gluconeogenesis from fat/proteins

three layers of Adrenal cortex

produce corticosteroids; Synthesis begins with cholesterol; Steroid hormones are not stored; Rate of release depends upon rate of synthesis

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