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  1. saints
  2. Christmas Day 800
  3. dioceses and parishes
  4. "the Hammer"
  5. Council of Toulouse
  1. a deceased Christians officially recognized by the church as holy
  2. b forbade anyone except a clergyman to possess a copy of the Bible
  3. c divisions of the Roman Church's territory
  4. d Charlemagne is "unexpectedly" crowned emperor of Rome by the pope
  5. e meaning of "Martel"

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  1. proclaimed that one must be subject to the Roman pope to obtain salvation
  2. "the king's envoys"
  3. church leader who declared that every church must agree with the church of Rome
  4. retained the title of emperor and received the central part
  5. Greek for "servant"

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  1. Gregory Irecognized pope over the Roman church in 445


  2. Church of Romebecame prominent before the end of the second century


  3. Emperor of the RomansOtto was crowned...?


  4. Charles the Baldreceived the western part of the empire


  5. Lorrainean area along the northern coast of France