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  1. Mayor of the Palace
  2. Louis the German
  3. monks
  4. Charles the Bald
  5. Saxon
  1. a received the western part of the empire
  2. b men who practice monasticism
  3. c chief official of the royal household
  4. d gained the eastern portion of the empire
  5. e line of kings begun with Henry the Fowler

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  1. series of provinces
  2. first medieval pope
  3. theory that Peter was made head of the church
  4. land of the middle kingdom north of the Alps
  5. recognized pope over the Roman church in 445

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  1. popebishop of Rome; means papa


  2. 494Gelasius I enunciated two swords doctrine


  3. indulgencescertificates from the pope that excused a person from doing penance and shortened the required stay in purgatory


  4. missi dominici"the king's envoys"


  5. sacramentsmonasteries for nuns


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