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  1. Pepin the Short
  2. Charlemagne
  3. orders
  4. "the Hammer"
  5. Lothair the Elder
  1. a Pepin's son; name means "Charles the Great"
  2. b meaning of "Martel"
  3. c Charles Martel's son who became Mayor of the Palace and followed his father as a strong leader
  4. d retained the title of emperor and received the central part
  5. e rigid rules for monks

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  1. the ability of the church to appoint leaders authorized to speak & act in Christ's name
  2. Donation of Pepin; other name
  3. series of provinces
  4. doctrine that bread and wine become body & blood of Jesus in the hands of the Eucharist
  5. most dominant Germanic tribe

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  1. Holy Roman Empirewas born when Otto the Great was crowned


  2. Peter of Bruisfounded the Waldensians


  3. ElectorsMuslims from N. Africa


  4. indulgenceschurch leader who declared that every church must agree with the church of Rome


  5. Carolingian minisculelegible style of handwriting which became the basis for modern handwriting