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  1. convents
  2. marks
  3. Charlemagne
  4. Papal States
  5. Church of Rome
  1. a Pepin's son; name means "Charles the Great"
  2. b monasteries for nuns
  3. c series of provinces
  4. d Donation of Pepin; other name
  5. e became prominent before the end of the second century

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  1. first great Frankish military and political leader
  2. proclaimed that one must be subject to the Roman pope to obtain salvation
  3. issued the two swords doctrine
  4. women who practice monasticism
  5. head of the monastery

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  1. apostolic authoritytheory that Peter was made head of the church


  2. Charles the Baldreceived the western part of the empire


  3. Emperor of the Romanschief official of the royal household


  4. Leo Ibishop of Rome; means papa


  5. ordersrigid rules for monks