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  1. bishops
  2. 445
  3. Saxon
  4. Scandinavia
  5. Frederick Barbarossa
  1. a Pope Leo I recognized as supreme over the Roman church
  2. b line of kings begun with Henry the Fowler
  3. c location of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway
  4. d Greek for "overseer" or "superintendent"
  5. e German king; first of the Hohenstaufen line of kings

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  1. bishop of Rome; means papa
  2. legible style of handwriting which became the basis for modern handwriting
  3. became prominent before the end of the second century
  4. divisions of the Roman Church's territory
  5. first great Frankish military and political leader

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  1. Benedictrecognized pope over the Roman church in 445


  2. sacramentsmeans of grace


  3. Charles AugustusPepin's son; name means "Charles the Great"


  4. Donation of Pepinland of the Lombards given to the pope in Central Italy


  5. Papal StatesDonation of Pepin; other name