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  1. Council of Toulouse
  2. Mayor of the Palace
  3. Christmas Day 498
  4. missi dominici
  5. Frederick II
  1. a Frederick Barbarossa's grandson; entangled himself in Italy
  2. b chief official of the royal household
  3. c "the king's envoys"
  4. d forbade anyone except a clergyman to possess a copy of the Bible
  5. e When was Clovis baptized?

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  1. gave the English people the Bible in their own tongue by translating it from Latin to English
  2. Donation of Pepin; other name
  3. idea that the Roman church is supreme over all churches and the bishop of Rome is supreme over all bishops
  4. deceased Christians officially recognized by the church as holy
  5. abstinence from marriage

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  1. Frederick BarbarossaGerman king; first of the Hohenstaufen line of kings


  2. ordersrigid rules for monks


  3. deaconsline of kings begun with Henry the Fowler


  4. Irenaeusmost dominant Germanic tribe


  5. Hungarymonks who preached and did missionary work