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  1. Peter of Bruis
  2. monasticism
  3. Gelasius I
  4. Vulgate
  5. Frederick II
  1. a Latin translation of the Bible by Jerome
  2. b issued the two swords doctrine
  3. c Frederick Barbarossa's grandson; entangled himself in Italy
  4. d founded the Petrobrusians
  5. e withdrawing from society to live in solitude

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  1. retained the title of emperor and received the central part
  2. religious communities isolated from the rest of society
  3. was born when Otto the Great was crowned
  4. doctrine that bread and wine become body & blood of Jesus in the hands of the Eucharist
  5. Duke of Saxony, elected to act as king of Germany

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  1. Papal StatesLatin translation of the Bible by Jerome


  2. dioceses and parishesfounded the Petrobrusians


  3. nunswomen who practice monasticism


  4. Lorraineland of the middle kingdom north of the Alps


  5. sacramentsdeceased Christians officially recognized by the church as holy