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  1. Pepin the Short
  2. Roman Catholic Church
  3. Christmas Day 800
  4. Louis the Pious
  5. monasteries
  1. a idea that the Roman church is supreme over all churches and the bishop of Rome is supreme over all bishops
  2. b Charlemagne is "unexpectedly" crowned emperor of Rome by the pope
  3. c Charles Martel's son who became Mayor of the Palace and followed his father as a strong leader
  4. d Charlemagne's only son who ruled weakly
  5. e religious communities isolated from the rest of society

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  1. barbarians from Scandinavia
  2. Charles Martel defeated the invading Muslims at the...?
  3. nomadic people from Asia who penetrated deep into southeastern Europe
  4. women who practice monasticism
  5. Otto was crowned...?

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  1. Electorsnobles who claimed the right of choosing the kings


  2. Simeon Stylitesreligious communities isolated from the rest of society


  3. abbotline of kings begun with Henry the Fowler


  4. Gelasius Iissued the two swords doctrine


  5. marksmen who practice monasticism