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  1. monasteries
  2. Gregory I
  3. Saxon
  4. Hohenstaufen
  5. apostolic succession
  1. a the idea that Christ had appointed the apostles succeed his ministry on earth
  2. b line of kings begun with Henry the Fowler
  3. c religious communities isolated from the rest of society
  4. d first medieval pope
  5. e line of emperors that began with Frederick Barbarossa

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  1. women who practice monasticism
  2. recognized pope over the Roman church in 445
  3. abstinence from marriage
  4. Pope Leo I recognized as supreme over the Roman church
  5. Charlemagne is "unexpectedly" crowned emperor of Rome by the pope

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  1. Henry IVGerman monarchy reached its peak under...?


  2. Saliandeceased Christians officially recognized by the church as holy


  3. Charles AugustusCharlemagne's title as emperor


  4. Hungaryland where the Magyars settled


  5. hermitsmonks who preached and did missionary work