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  1. Hungary
  2. Magyars
  3. transubstantiation
  4. nuns
  5. Treaty of Verdun
  1. a women who practice monasticism
  2. b nomadic people from Asia who penetrated deep into southeastern Europe
  3. c doctrine that bread and wine become body & blood of Jesus in the hands of the Eucharist
  4. d divided the empire into three parts
  5. e land where the Magyars settled

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  1. means of grace
  2. church leader who declared that every church must agree with the church of Rome
  3. monasteries for nuns
  4. withdrawing from society to live in solitude
  5. most dominant Germanic tribe

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  1. Merovingianline of kings that was sometimes-united, sometimes divided


  2. Gelasius Ifirst great Frankish military and political leader


  3. Frederick BarbarossaGerman king; first of the Hohenstaufen line of kings


  4. monasteriesreligious communities isolated from the rest of society


  5. Emperor of the RomansOtto was crowned...?


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