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Respiratory System

Respiratory System

________ _________Are organs that their main function is to make the exchange

Nasal cavity

____________ ___________is a Preferred point for inhalation of air

Nasal cavity

_______ ________ is the main organ of filtration it the air

Nasal Cavity

_________ ______ Unifies, warms and filters the air.

Oral Cavity

Is a alternate point of entry.


is the partition that separates the nose from the mouth.

Hard and Soft

are the two categories for palate.

Hard palate


Soft palate

Is the gangling portion.


A region were food, water and air are mixed together.

Food, water and air

are mixed together in the Pharynx.


is connected with the Nose


is connected with the mouth


is connected with the esophagus


Responsible for sound production


Voice Box


is marked by the landmark called the "Adam's Apple"


are made of rings and windpipe thar carries air toward and away fron the long


can be 8-11 inches long depending on a person's height

Wind pipe

also known as the Trachea

Bronchial Tree

_____________a conducting pathways that devides multiple times within the lungs, to deliver air to the terminal point of exchance


_______ MAIN ORGAN WERE EXCHANGE OF Gases happends

Tunica Mucosa

______ ______are made or epithelial layer that lines the respiratory passageways

Tela SUBMucosa

______ ______ are made of connective layer in order to survive

Tunica Media

______ ______is a variable layer consists of large cartilages and skeletal muscles

Tunica Adventitia

an outer connective tissue coat that wraps around the other layers.

Cartilages of the larynx

keeps the larynx from callapsing they also adjust the tension closing the respiratoty passageways so u don't choke when u swallo food or liquids

Thyroid cartiliage

_________ cartiliage is the largest thing that we have in the larynx. (Oblong shield)

Cricoid cartiliage

_________ cartiliage, sits immediately lower lower than the thyroid (ring)

Arytenoid cartiliages

makes up a sinovail joint which is the novable joint.


known as mouth of windpipe, they also close the entrance of larynx

Principal or main bronchi

there are three basic structural design for the Brochial tree.

Lobar Bronchi

are so made becuse they each enter one of the lobes of the lung

Segmental Bronchi

There are 10 segments on each side (on each lung)

Alveolar Ducts

____________ __________ small tubes that deliver air into the alveoli sacs


(cluster) are the small, dead end termination of the bronchial tree, thin walled sacs are the site of gaseus exchange between the air and the blood.


made of simple squamus epithelium

Flow of deoxygenated blood

From r ventricles pulmonary trunk, pulmonary arteries, pulmonary arterials into the pulmonary cappilaries.

Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxed

Alviolus with the pulmonary cappillaries

Flow of oxygenated blood

Pulmonary capillaries, pulmonary vaniel, pulmonary vein int L atrium

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