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Chapter 6: Network Hardware, Switching, and Routing

Which of the following types of routing protocols allows routers to exchange information about best paths with their neighboring routers only?
.All of the above
A ____ can interpret physical addressing information.
.NOT switch
To install a NIC, you must first install the ____.
Devices that connect two network segments by analyzing incoming frames and making decisions about where to direct them based on each frame's MAC address.
In STP, what device acts as a guide to setting the best paths between switches?
Root Bridge
Capable of transferring data at up to 1 Gbps per data path.
PCIe (PCI Component Interconnect Express)
NICs contain a(n) ____, which transmits and receives data signals.
Data Transceiver
A hardware component that can be changed without disrupting operations is known as ____.
Plugs into a port and crosses over the transmit line to the receive line so that outgoing signals can be redirected into the computer for testing.
Loopback Adapter
By far, the most popular expansion board NIC today is one that uses a(n) ____ bus.
Which of the following distinguishes switches from repeating devices, such as hubs?
Switches separate collision domains?
Traditional switches operate at the ____ layer of the OSI model.
.Data Link
Has no means to interpret the data they retransmit.
A switch running in this mode reads the entire data frame into its memory and checks it for accuracy before transmitting the information.
.NOT Cut-Through Mode
.Loopback Adapter
.Store-and-Forward Mode
A ____ is a repeater with more than one output port.
Switches that operate anywhere between Layer 4 and Layer 7 are also known as ____ switches.
Switches can create ____ by grouping a number of ports into a broadcast domain.
Holds incoming data and accommodates bursts of traffic.
In data networks, the task of directing information efficiently to the correct destination is handled by connectivity devices, primarily switches and routers. T/F
In cut-through switching, which frame field does the switch never read?
Frame Check Sequence