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Ch. 3 Freedom and the Moral Act

What does a moral act involve?
deliberation and choice
moral act
any human act that has moral content and involves deliberation and choice
A moral act has what?
Moral content
indifferent act
acts that have no moral value in themselves( morality depends on intention of the agent)
Is a moral act a personal act?
What does the knowledge that enter every moral act determine?
the corresponding level of moral responsibility
What do we have if we have some suspicion and action might be wrong?
A moral obligation to resolve doubt by gathering necessary knowledge before acting
What is the virtue in a moral act in part determined by?
full knowledge
clear, deliberate knowledge of the sinfulness of an action
partial knowledge
knowledge obscured by presence of something interfering with a moral judgement
accountability for one's actions before themself and superior authority
indirect responsibility
accountability for secondary effects of a free act
What is the sinfulness of an action party determined by?
vincible ignorance
lack of knowledge for which a person is morally responsible due to lack of diligence
invincible ignorance
ignorance that cannot be overcome by ordinary diligence
To enjoy the freedom that comes from self-mastery what must we do?
choose to live according to moral law
Can we live good moral lives if we do not work on them?
What does the improper use of freedom lead to?
immorality and self-destruction
What do the highest levels of freedom lead to?
the highest levels of morality
Is human freedom limited or absolute?
Freedom ad knowledge are what?
closely related
Why is human freedom not absolute?
Because we cannot do whatever we want without consequences
Why is freedom limited?
Because humans are limited beings
What does freedom fundamentally depend on?
the truth
What is human freedom ordered towards?
What do both good and bad choices do to us?
Good-transform Bad-degrade
With freedom what else comes?
Is there freedom with no responsibility?
Is God's graced imposed on us?
NO! We need to receive it freely.
What does and does not the grace of God do?
It does not diminish our freedom but makes the correct moral choices clear and gives us strength to conquer passions
What does the moral law do?
Enhances freedom
What can only a free person do?
make good choices and carry them to contemplation
What can only the human person do?
Forge their destiny for good or evil
Who has freedom?
Man alone
The freedom to choose correctly does what?
Gives us the option to reject God or be indifferent to him or his will for us
What does Christian morality bring us?
Human dignity, because through this morality we learn to imitate actions and words of Christ