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Nathaniel a Hawthorne

author of the minister's bllack veil

a good one

before donning the black veil, the minister (Hooper) was what kind of minister

people with secrets and others in agony for sinning

over what group does the veiled minister seen to have the most power

people are often unwilling to face the truth about themseves in black veil

what is the apparent central theme of this story

teaches a moral lesson

what does the fact that this story os a parable mean for the literary elements used (character, events, and details of setting)

voice of reason

what does the village physician most likely represtnt in the story (logic and reason)

love endures despite what that person does

what message about human nautre is most strongly conveyed by elizabeth's nursing of mr.hooper on his deathbed

brides and grooms need to be reminded they will eventually die

what message might be conveyed by the veiled minister at the wedding

modesty, shame

what does the black veil most likely represent in the parable


based on this story, how would you describe Hawthorne's view on human nature

thinks people gossip too much

what can you infer about the passage "The next day, the whole vilage of Milford talked of little else than Paron Hooper's black veil. That, and the mystery concealed behind it..."

people hide secrets for fear of what others will think

Based on the rest of the story, what can you infer about the meaning about tis parable

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