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  1. key doctrine of Christianity
  2. His claims would be worthless
  3. we'll all experience a resurrection
  4. How could a man who had nearly been killed get out of that tomb?
  5. guarantee of our resurrection
  1. a (Importance, #3) If Christ hadn't risen from the dead...
  2. b The third reason that the resurrection was unique is that through Him...
  3. c Why was the swoon story dumb?
  4. d What was the 5th reason of the resurrection's importance?
  5. e What was the second reason that the resurrection was important?

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  1. What was the first point under the nature of the resurrection?
  2. What did the exaltation of Jesus continue with?
  3. Why could Jesus not have simply risen spiritually?
  4. Why was the hallucination explanation dumb?
  5. What is Jesus' resurrection a guarantee of?

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  1. theft lieWhat was the first false resurrection teaching?


  2. wrong tomb teachingWhat was the 4th false teaching?


  3. to send us the Holy SpiritWhy did Jesus have to go back to heaven?


  4. hallucination explanationWhat was the 2nd reason that Jesus' resurrection was unique?


  5. Mt. OlivetWhat was the first point under the nature of the resurrection?