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Vocab for chapter 11 in World History and Geography


Turkish group that captured Baghdad from the Persians in 1055


Seljuk prime minister


Series of military campaigns against Turks and other Muslims for control of the Holy Land


Genghis Khan's grandson who captured Baghdad in 1258


armies from this country moved into Baghdad and ended the power of the caliph in 945


the capital of Seljuk kingdom


Turkish military slaves

Malik Shah

the most famous Seljuk sultan


these people were noted for their military skills

Taghril Beg

the founder of the Seljuk Dynasty


famous Kurdish captain who helped the Muslims recover Jerusalem in 1187

Pope Urban 2

the person who launched the first crusade in 1095

Justinian Code

uniform system of laws for the Byzantine Empire

Ivan 3

ruler who created the first Russian empire


a leading bishop of the Eastern christianity


groups inhabiting the forests north of the Black Sea


ruler of Kiev who made all his subjects convert to Byzantine Christianity

Alexander Nevsky

Novgorod prince who advised cooperation with the Mongols


the Russian version of Caesar

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