7 terms

What am I?

I am hot. I live in the sky. I am bright.
the sun
I live in the water. You can drive me. I might make you sick. Don't put a hole in me and tie me up when you are done.
a boat
I am in your body. I am red. I am the symbol of love. Blood pumps through me.
your heart
I am red, green or yellow. I am a healthy snack. You can bite or slice me. You can give me to a teacher.
an apple
I am circular. I go up and down. You can throw me, you can catch me. Be careful with me near windows.
a ball
I cry a lot. I drink only milk. Everyone smiles at me. I like to be picked up and hugged. I am new to the world.
a baby
I am usually green and brown but I can change colors during certain times of year. I can live for a long time. I am home to many small animals and birds. Kids love to climb me. I need rain to live.
a tree