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Bible Unit 1 Test Review

Where were the Ptolemies and Seleucids from?
What country was represented by the head of Daniel's Statue?
Which religious group encouraged extreme obedience to the Law of Moses?
How many years was Israel exiled in Babylon?
Who was the King of Persia that let Israel return home?
shine God's light
What was Israel called to do in the world?
disobeyed God and worshipped idols
Instead of being a people who shown God's light into the world, the Israelites ___.
conform to; cater to
What does it mean to "accommodate" to the world?
isolate or hide from the world
What does it mean to "separate" from the world?
John 1:14
What verse clearly describes the Incarnation of Jesus?
Which Jewish group conflicted with the Sadducees the most in Israel?
What example did we use from the natural world to describe what Jesus' Incarnation was like?
What do we call the process of God making the old into something new?
Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Who are the 3 persons of the Trinity?
God taking on human flesh
What is the "Incarnation of Christ?"
According to Matthew, "Jesus is the new ___."
Who did Eve think would be the promised descendant that would save mankind?
father of the faith
What is a "Patriarch?"
Luke argued in his gospel that "Jesus is the new ___.."
a promise
What is a "covenant?"
the author wants to use terms, examples, etc. that the audience would understand
How does the audience that an author is writing to affect whey they actually write?
forward Abraham Jesus
Matthew's genealogy listed ___ from ___ to ___
backward Jesus Adam
Luke's genealogy listed ___ from ___ to ___
Matthew's genealogy wrote to the ___
Luke's genealogy wrote to the
Matthew's genealogy traces ___'s line
Luke's genealogy traces ___'s line
What kind of vow did Samson & John the Baptist take that allowed them to never cut their hair?
Jesus is a new and better version of what OT character?
judges; of a deliverance
Both Jesus and John acted as independent "___" and paved the way for a coming ___
they were barren
What was wrong with both the mothers of John and Samuel?
King Herod played the role of what figure from the Exodus story?
What character kept showing up throughout the story in Matthew 2 giving warnings & messages to men?
Hosea 11:1
What Scripture did Jesus directly fulfill by going to and from Egypt?
first Gentiles to worship Jesus
What is the most important thing we need to know about the Wise Men
How many generations of people were there from Adam to Jesus?
Jesus tested in the wilderness for 40 days just like Israel was in the desert for 40 yr.; Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River just like Israel was baptized in the Red Sea
What 2 events in Israel's history did Jesus replay in his own life after coming out of Egypt?
set them free
What did Jesus and Moses both do for the people of Israel?