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  1. slaughter
  2. renovate
  3. comprise
  4. Bestow
  5. ungainly
  1. a To kill in order to obtain meat. To kill in large numbers or a cruel way
  2. b To form; to make up. To consist of or include.
  3. c To give as an honor; to present as a gift.
  4. d To make like new again.
  5. e moving in a clumsy or awkward way.

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  1. To force out of a property by taking legal action.
  2. Forceful anger; fury.
  3. The right to give orders and make decisions or an expert source of information.
  4. To make an enemy of; to stir up anger or dislike.
  5. struck with horror;shocked.

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  1. dilapidatedIn poor condition from neglect or age.


  2. devourLacking; empty; entirely without.


  3. HeedTo think about in a quiet, careful way.


  4. competentHaving the ability to do what is needed.


  5. delicacyTo force out of a property by taking legal action.


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