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  1. predatory
  2. Devious
  3. authentic
  4. impartial
  5. supervise
  1. a To direct or manage activities.
  2. b Having many twist and turns;winding. Or sneaky; not frank or honest.
  3. c Genuine; True.
  4. d Living by killing or eating animals. Living by robbing or stealing from others.
  5. e Not favoring one side over another; fair.

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  1. To ruin or completely destroy.
  2. To pay attention to. Attention;notice.
  3. To become weaker; to decrease.
  4. To scold in a harsh or formal manner. A strong scolding from someone in authority.
  5. To make an enemy of; to stir up anger or dislike.

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  1. inheritTo make very angry.


  2. epidemicLacking; empty; entirely without.


  3. dilapidatedTo kill in order to obtain meat. To kill in large numbers or a cruel way


  4. priorComing earlier in time.


  5. acquireTo gain ownership of something; to get by one's own efforts.