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  1. maintain
  2. Subside
  3. astute
  4. acknowledge
  5. Annihilate
  1. a To admit the existence of or to express recognition or thanks for.
  2. b To sink to a lower level. To become quieter or less active.
  3. c To declare something to be true. To keep in good condition.
  4. d to destroy completely; to reduce to utter ruin.
  5. e Wise in a clever or practical way.

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  1. The condition of being alone.
  2. Something false or fake; to pretend.
  3. Very famous; outstanding.
  4. Exact; accurate.
  5. In poor condition from neglect or age.

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  1. agentSomething that is made up in the mind.


  2. PlagueA birds feathers.


  3. trekTo pay attention to. Attention;notice.


  4. figmentSomething that is made up in the mind.


  5. correspondHaving the ability to do what is needed.