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  1. Aghast
  2. sham
  3. devour
  4. incident
  5. latitude
  1. a Something false or fake; to pretend.
  2. b The distance north or south of the equator or freedom from strict rules.
  3. c struck with horror;shocked.
  4. d To eat up hungrily.
  5. e something that happens in real life or in a story; an event.

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  1. Imaginary, not real.
  2. Something that is made up in the mind.
  3. Having the ability to do what is needed.
  4. A person who acts or does business for another or something that brings about a result.
  5. Forceful anger; fury.

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  1. vulnerableopen to attack; easily injured physically or emotionally.


  2. compriseto warn or to criticize gently.


  3. UnwittingNot done on purpose;unintended.


  4. authorityGenuine; True.


  5. PioneerA person who goes before others and opens the way for them to follow.


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