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  1. epidemic
  2. Annihilate
  3. predatory
  4. derogatory
  5. maintain
  1. a to destroy completely; to reduce to utter ruin.
  2. b The rapid spreading of a disease to many people at one time.
  3. c Expressing a low opinion; intended to hurt the reputation of a person or thing.
  4. d To declare something to be true. To keep in good condition.
  5. e Living by killing or eating animals. Living by robbing or stealing from others.

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  1. A human being. Or very severe, causing death.
  2. Having the ability to do what is needed.
  3. To kill in order to obtain meat. To kill in large numbers or a cruel way
  4. To give as an honor; to present as a gift.
  5. A number that is not exact; a careful guess.

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  1. authorityThe right to give orders and make decisions or an expert source of information.


  2. WrathForceful anger; fury.


  3. compriseTo think about in a quiet, careful way.


  4. DevoidTo eat up hungrily.


  5. devourTo eat up hungrily.