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  1. predatory
  2. inherit
  3. precise
  4. slaughter
  5. correspond
  1. a To receive something from someone after that persons death or to receive, as part of one's physical or mental make-up from one's parents.
  2. b Exact; accurate.
  3. c To kill in order to obtain meat. To kill in large numbers or a cruel way
  4. d Living by killing or eating animals. Living by robbing or stealing from others.
  5. e To match;to be equal to or to exchange letteres with another person.

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  1. To search through or pick over looking for something useful.
  2. Lacking; empty; entirely without.
  3. To pay attention to. Attention;notice.
  4. To admit the existence of or to express recognition or thanks for.
  5. Imaginary, not real.

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  1. PioneerA person who goes before others and opens the way for them to follow.


  2. agentA person who acts or does business for another or something that brings about a result.


  3. authorityThe right to give orders and make decisions or an expert source of information.


  4. irrelevantHaving nothing to do with the subject.


  5. devastateWise in a clever or practical way.