20 terms

Chapter 18 - Gothic Art

Abbot Suger
served as regent of France, abbot of Saint-Denis and was responsible for its rebuilding. coined term "lux nova"
pointed arch
a narrow arch of pointed profile
rib vault
a vault in which the diagonal and transverse ribs compose a structural skeleton that partially supports the masonry web between them
rose window
a circular stained-glass window
royal portal
the doors of the west facade at Chartres Cathedral, contains episodes from the life of Christ
the blind arcaded gallery below the clerestory
rayonnant style
the "raidant' style of GOthic architecture, dominant in the second half of the 13th century and associated with the French royal court and Louis IX at Paris
perpendicular style or perpendicular gothic
a Gothic syle in 14th and 15th century England characterized by vertical lines and a four-centered arch and fan vaulting
flying buttress
consists typically of an inclined member carried on an arch or series of arches and a solid buttress to which it transmits lateran thrust
Cult of the Virgin
as mother of Christ Mary stood b/t Last Judge and horrors of Hell and could intercede for those faithful to her. Worshipers in the late 12th and 13th Centuries sang hymns to her, put her image everywhere, and dedicated catherdrals to her. Christian knights dedicated their lives to her
a sharply pointed ornament capping the piers or flying buttresses
stained glass
the colored glass used for windows
Lux Nova
the term Abbot Suger used to describe stained glass
ornamental stonework for holding stained glass in place
a tall narrow window ending in a pointed arch
flamboyant style
a late Gothic style of architecture supersceding the Rayonnant style and named for the flamelike appearance of its pointed bar tracery
fan vault
radiating ribs form a fanlike pattern in this structure
Notre Dame
a famous early gothic cathedral in Paris (started 1163); the Virgin Mary
Chartres Cathedral
Early Gothic Cathedral, has assymetrical spires (one is High Gothic)
kings gallery
A line statues at Notre Dame in Paris of 28 kings of Judah and Israel