12 terms

APUSH CH 4: American Life in the Seventeenth Century

young men and women bound to sponsors work and get passage to new world, shelter and food; when released get land, clothing, farm tools.
sponsor got 50 acres per indentured servant
salutary neglect
England's trust to the colonies
VA governor in the late 1600s
Bacon's Rebellion
1000 Virginians in revolt
Middle Passage
transatlantic sea voyage that brought slaves to the New World
Slave codes
made blacks and their children property for life
First familes of VA
families established before 1690
Congregational church
government led logically to democracy in political government
halfway covenant
a new formula for church membership
Salem witch trials
hanging of witches in Salem, Massachusetts
Leisler's Rebellion
bloody insurgence in NYC 1689-1691