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Multiple Choice - Network+ Midterm

Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
Which statement describes an advantage of networks?
Networks enable multiple users to share resources.
Which network model ensures that no computer on the network has more authority than another?
A common way of sharing resources on a peer-to-peer network is by modifying the ___ controls using the computer's operating system.
A ___ network is confined to a relatively small space.
Which network topology is the most common?
Which type of service supports e-mail?
Hardware diagnosis and failure alert are handled by ___.
network management services
Security auditing is handled by ___.
network management services
Dependability is a characteristic of ___.
soft skills
Which certification requires candidates to pass lab exams?
Cisco CCIE
Standards define the ___ performance of a product or service.
minimum acceptable
The goal of ___ is to establish international technological standards to facilitate the global exchange of information and barrier free trade.
The ___ is a specialized United Nations agency that provides developing countries with technical expertise and equipment to advance those nations' technological bases.
___oversees the IAB (Internet Architecture Board).
Which statement accurately describes the OSI model?
It describes a theoretical representation of what happens between two nodes communicating on a network.
Which OSI model layer initiates the flow of information?
Which type of protocol is useful when data must be transferred quickly?
Transport layer protocols break large data units into __.
___is the process of reconstructing segmented data.
Each network node has ___ types of addresses.
In which OSI model layer do hubs operate?
In which OSI model layer(s) do NICs operate?
Physical and Data Link
Which IEEE standard describes specifications for wireless transmissions?
The distance between corresponding points on a wave's cycle is called its ___.
When signals are free to travel in both directions over a medium similutaneously, the transmission is considered ___.
___is a technology used with fiver-optic cable, which enables one fiver-optic connection to carry multiple light signals simultaneously.
WDM (wavelength division multiplexing)
The more twists per foot in a pair of wires, the more resistant the pair will be to ___.
cross talk
___describes a popular serial data transmission method.
EIA/TIA RS-232 (Recommended Standard 2320
The serial interface on the back of the connectivity device is often labeled "____"
Which term describes the hardware that makes up the enterprise-wide cabling system?
cable plant
Which standard is also known as structured cabling?
TIA/EIA Commercial Building Wiring Standard
The points where circuits interconnect with other circuits is known as ___.
cross-connect facilities
Which term identifies a room containing connectivity for groups of workstations in its area?
telecommunications closet