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Specialized Connective Tissue

This type of tissue includes various kinds of cartilage, bone, blood-forming tissue and blood.

Protein Fibers

Collagen, reticulin, and elastin are all examples of ____ present in the matrix.


A hardened type of connective tissue characterized by an ECM of various types of protein fibers and a ground substance of chondroitin sulfate.

Spongy Bone

This type of bone core is composed of interlacing spicules that have not completely united.


A type of wandering cell within the ECM of connective tissue which carries on the process of phagocytosis thus ensuring healthy tissue repair and growth.


Specialized cells embedded inside the matrix of the different types of cartilage.


The softest type of all connective tissues; composed of the formed elements suspended in plasma.


Composed of dense connective tissue; these structures connect muscles to bones.

Chondroitin Sulfate

The matrix of both hyaline and elastic cartilage is dominated by this thick ground substance.

Compact Bone

This type of bone tissue is characterized by an ECM composed of collagen fibers and mineral salts arranged in concentric layers.


The hardest type of connective tissue whose ECM is composed of collagen fibers and various types of mineral salts.


Chondrocytes and osteocytes lie embedded inside these specialized chambers.


In bone, the osteocytes and layers of ECM and arranged in circular patterns to form a cylindrical unit known as _____.

Mast Cells

These cells release hepartin and histamines.

Fixed and Wandering

The cells of all connective tissue may be classified as two major types.

Hematopoietic Tissue

Initiates the production of all blood cells is a function of this type of specialized connective tissue.


This layer of connective tissue makes up the membrane that surround and protects a bone.


Composed of dense connective tissue, these structures connect one bone to another.


Covering of connective tissue that wraps around and provides nourishment to cartilage tissue.


The matrix of spongy bone is composed of mineral salts and collagen that form these thin interlocking plates.

Formed Elements

Red and white blood cells along with platelets are collectively referred to as ______.


These cells produce and secrete the different proteins found within the ECM of connective tissue.


Most common protein in the body and is a major component of scar tissue.


Another name for a mature bone cell.

Reticular Fibers

These very thin protein fibers are designed to resist physical stress by forming delicately supporting networks in organs such as the spleen.

Lymphatic Tissue

Located throughout the lymph nodes of the body, the tonsils, and the spleen; this tissue is the maturation site of white blood cells.


Concentric rings of hardened bone matrix found in compact bone.

Ground Substance

A mixture of sugar and protein molecules along with interstitial fluid that makes up the ECM of all connective tissues.

Red Marrow

Hematopoietic tissue located inside spongy bone that manufactures blood cells.

Connective Tissue Proper

Of the major types of connective tissue, this type includes loose and dense along with adipose tissue.

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