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in one study, rats were given prolonged exposure to ritalin early in life. when the drug was withdrawn later in life, the rats were more likely to show symptoms of ___________ than were their control- group counterparts.

a lack of guilt feelings

The antisocial personalit disorder is most likely to be characterized by:

a personality disorder

Anthony is 32 years old, well above average in intelligence, and quite charming. He has swindled several elderly people out of their life savings, and he seems to have little feeling for his victims, nor dose he fear the consquences of getting caught. His behavior is evidence of:

Deja vu

eerie sense of having previously experienced a situation or event.

be insane

A deluded Scotsman, Daniel M'Naughten, tried to assassinate a goverment official in 1843. He was sent to a mental hospital rather than to a prison because he was judged to:

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