government 2

with the words we the people the constitution establishes its authority on the basis of
popular sovereignty`
the president cabinet is an example of change by
unwritten custom
which of the following best describes the concept of limited government
government operates within certain bounds set by the people
witch of the following is a method of formal amendment
proposal by 2 thirds of congress and radification by 3 fourths of state legislatures
which of the following constitutional changes was a result of part practices
the use of the electorial college as a ruber stamp for the popular vote
which of the following is not true of the use of executive agreement
it is amoung the executive powers listed in article 2 of the constitution
the legislative branch can check the judicial branch by its power to
remove judges through impeachment
which of the following is a subject of constitutional amendment
all of the above
the judiciary act of 1789 was an example of
a congressional change to the constitution
the presidents power to veto an act of congress is an example of
checks and balances
which of the following acounts for the ability of the constitution to endure for more than 200 years
built in provisions designed to resist change
which of the following is not an example of the checks and balances system
the president makes up an executive agreement
when there is a seperation of powers
power is distributed among 3 independent branches of government
Congress can effect changes to the constitution by
all of the above
the system of federalism provides for all of the following except
uniforn laws among the states
concurrent powers are those that are
exercised simultaneously by the national and state governments
states must honor th legality of one anothers civil laws because of the
full faith and credit clause
local governments derive their power from
state constitutions and state laws
which of the following is an expressed power of the national government
the power to coin money
Citizens who commit a crime in one State and then flee to another State to escape prosecution are to be returned to the original State under
The Constitution requires the National Government to guarantee
a republican form of government for every State
The power of the National Government to coin money is
an expressed power
Which of the following powers can the National Government legally exercise?
expressed, implied and inherent powers
Which of the following is NOT among the obligations that the National Government has to the States?
recognition of State constitutions as the supreme law of the land
Agreements States enter into with both foreign nations and other States with the consent of Congress are
interstate compacts
Which of the following is the basic characteristic of federalism?
It divides power between a National Government and State governments.
In the case of McCulloch v. Maryland, what was the Supreme Court ruling based upon?
Supremacy Clause
The inability of the central government to gain the support of the States under the Articles of Confederation contributed to the inclusion in the new Constitution of
The government is held accountable for its actions under which of the following principles of government?
the rule of law
Which of the six basic principles of the Constitution can be diluted when the President and a majority of the members of Congress are of the same political party
separation of powers
The power of judicial review applies to actions by
both the Federal Government and the States
The Constitution requires proposed amendments to have greater State support for _____ than _____.
The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution to meet the demands of the
To some extent, the constitutional changes brought about by various Presidents have circumvented
the system of checks and balances
To which branch of government fell the task of "adding flesh to the bones" of the Constitution?
the legislature
What label should appear at the place marked by the letter B
Powers reserved to the States
What label should appear at the place marked by the letter C?
Concurrent Powers
What label should appear at the place marked by the letter F
Powers denied both the National Government and the States
The label Powers reserved to the States belongs at the place marked by
the letter D.
The label Powers denied to the National Government should be placed at
the letter D
The Framers limited the power of the National Government both by creating separate branches and by
giving some powers only to the States
Without the expressed powers of the National Government, there would be no
implied powers
State governments can claim no
inherent powers
In certain situations, States can give preferential treatment to _____ over ______.
The framers of the Constitution intended to establish
a representative republic
Which f the following powers is shared by the House of Representatives and the Senate?
establishing federal courts below the Supreme Court
Many scholars argue that categorical grants-in-aid do which of the following?
Weaken the power of state governors adn legislators
Which of the following is a correct statement about the federal government's role in interstate commerce?
The federal government's role has been greatly expanded through the interpretation of the interstate commerce clause.
Which of the following constitutional provisions broadened the power of Congress?
The necessary and proper clause
Locke, Hobbes and Rousseau would most likely agree that
the state exists to serve the will of the people.
The individual 50 states lack which basic characteristic of a state?
Which statement about the social contract theory is NOT true?
The state is a natural extension of the people's family structure.
All of the following influenced the Framers in developing the Constitution EXCEPT
Virginia's royal charter
The government established by the Articles of Confederation established
state sovereignty
Much of the Declaration of Independence consists of
complaints against the wrong doings of the King of England.