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Training and Fitness

Innappropriate coaching instruction
This is when an exspereinced individual within a team offers incorrect or bad advice and actions to players which puts then at risk. Extrinsic
Incorret technique
The performimg of actions involved in sports that are not perormed correctly and put the athlete at risk. So hatching a ball wrong in cricket can lead to broken fingers. Extrinsic
Environmental conditions
Natual affects can put athletes at risk as they can affect the surface and surroundings. An example could be wet track form rain just before a 100metre race. Extrinsic
Other sports players
Sports where there are a higher number of competators on the court/pitch can affect risk as collisions can increase, especially on small playing areas. Other incidents from other players can also reasult such as physical damage or assault. An example could be boxing where the opponents increase the risk as they hit each other. Extrinsic
Equipment, Clothing and Footwear
If these aspects are not correct and specific to the activity then the risk factor will increase as the external factors are unsafe. An example can be spikes in sprinting that are needed to give grip for athletes on the track. Extrinsic
Inadequate warm up
The lack of preperation for the body before sport can lead to muscles being pulled from to intense activity without getting prepared. Intrinsic
Muscle imbalance
Parts of the body are developed to different levels or used more often then other parts. This means that saome areas of the body are stonger or waeker then others, this means that the bodies stature and movement can be imbalanced which can lead to stress and strain on the body. An example can be somone with stronnger quads then hamstings. One part of there legs will be bale to cope with high strain the other wont so the intesne exercise will put the weaker at risk. Intrinsic
Poor preperation
Competing in many sports requires the body to have long term planning before the actual event not just the warm up. The body will need to be ready in terms of its core. Muslces may need to be strengthened or developed to compete at that sport. Athletes also need to prepare mentally so they be focused on what they do they need to be confident so they know what is coming. An example of this can be an athlete not becoming used to certain terrain or conditions in different countries which may affect their hydration. Intrinsic
Postural Defects
This is when the body has natural differences in their bodies composition. For instance many people have one leg longer then the other . This can affect the body as its can imblance the body and put strain on certain areas of the body. Intrinsic
Poor technique
This when an athlete demonstrates bad use of actions within their sport. They may be lazy and not perform the action properly. An example can be in football where a player starts to tackle incorrectly which puts and others at risk. Intrinsic
When the body is not rested enough it does not recover form fatigue which means the muscles do not heal and become in bad condition. The athlete becomes tired so therefore wont pefform as well or as safely. An example can be a footballer training everday with no rest.Intrinsic
Athletes are of different physical make up is so the weaker less developed players are at more risk to injury. An example can be a senior rugby team playing a under 11 team. Intrinsic