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  1. What incident, along with the fighting in "Bleeding Kansas," revealed the level of hostility etween the North and the South?
  2. A war between citizens of the same country is called a
  3. Kansas
  4. What let Douglas to propose abandoning the Missouri Compromise?
  5. Who led an attack on Pottawatomie Creek to retialiate for the attack on Lawrence?
  1. a territory open to slavery
  2. b John Brown
  3. c The Brooks-Summer Incident
  4. d civil war
  5. e it would give the north an advantage in the Senate

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  1. a proslavery legislature was elected
  2. May 1854
  3. The President and the Senate favored the proslavery government, the House backed forces who opposed slavery
  4. Popular Sovereignty
  5. all citizen to help catch runaways

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  1. Missourians who traveled in armed groups to cross the border and vote in elections became known asborder ruffians


  2. What did free African Americans and whites who opposed slavery set up to help runaways escape?Underground Railroad


  3. What did antislavery people do in response to the proslavery laws passed by the new Kansas legislature?brutal, cruel system, incidents, vivid characters


  4. Sam Houston predicted this act would "convulse the country from Maine to the Rio Grande"Kansas-Nebraska Act


  5. 36degrees30'N latitudeHarriet Beecher Stowe