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  1. What conflicting positions did Congress take concerning the rival governments in Kansas?
  2. 36degrees30'N latitude
  3. What did antislavery people do in response to the proslavery laws passed by the new Kansas legislature?
  4. What incident, along with the fighting in "Bleeding Kansas," revealed the level of hostility etween the North and the South?
  5. Who were the border ruffians?
  1. a The President and the Senate favored the proslavery government, the House backed forces who opposed slavery
  2. b refused to accept, held own elctions, adopted constitution
  3. c Missourians traveled in armed groups
  4. d The Brooks-Summer Incident
  5. e boundary of slavery

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  1. territory open to slavery
  2. encouraging settlement in the west
  3. Simon Legree
  4. Kansas-Nebraska Act
  5. Fugitive Slave Act

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  1. Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin?Harriet Beecher Stowe


  2. What happened in Kansas in the election of 1855?a proslavery legislature was elected


  3. John Brownterritory open to slavery


  4. Rival proslavery and antislavery governments existed in this stateKansas


  5. When did Congress pass the Kansas-Nebraska ActMissourians traveled in armed groups