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regulation of an organnisms internal, life maintaining conditions

Spontaneous Generation

the idea that living things come from non-living things


theory that living things come only from other living things


evolutionary history of an organism; used today to group organisms into 6 kingdoms


First and largest category used to classify organisms


first word of the 2 word scientific name used to identify a group of similar species

Binominal Nomentclature

2 word naming system that gives all organisms their scientific names


predicition that can be tested


standard to which the outcome of a test is compared


something in an expirement that can change


explination of things or events based on scientific knowledge resulting from many observations that seems to be true consistently


any living thing


smallest unit of an organism that can carry on life functions

Scientific Methods

procedures used to solve problems and answr questions that can include stating the problem, gethering information, forming a hypothesis, testing the hypothesis with an expirement analyzing data and drawing conclusions

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