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Why did Marco Polo travel to China?

Their goal was to bring back valuable trade goods

What effect did Marco Polo's journey have on others?

People in both Asia and Europe wanted to know more about each other

What is the Silk Road and why is it important?

It connected China and other lands. It was a network of land and sea routes for trading.

Why did Zheng He's fleet try to reach many new places?

The Chinese wanted to expand trade and show their powers

What was the result of Zheng He's voyages?

Demand for Chinese trade goods grew

List first reason TRADE was important

People learned about other cultures

List second reason TRADE was important

People shared goods and ideas with others on different continents

List third reason TRADE was important

People became interested in each other and what their customs were

What trading center was known as "land of gold"?


What direction was taken by many early trade caravans in Africa?

southward across the Sahara

What type of trade was often made in Africa?

gold for salt

What is important about Mali and Songhai?

African kingdoms that became wealthy from trade after Ghana

What did Europeans bring to trade in North Africa?

clothes and horse

What significant event took place under Mansa Musa's rule?

Mali reached its peak as empire

Why did the Vikings leave Newfoundland?

There were conflicts with the American Indians living there.

How did the Portuguese benefit from exploring the coast of Africa?

They brought home gold and slaves

What effect did European ocean trade routes have?

Lasting contact between the Eastern and Western hemisphere

What is a caravan?

a group of traders traveling together used to bring goods to and from the lands of West Africa

List the first important event that occurred during Mansa Musa's reign as king

Mansa Musa went on a pilgrimage to Mecca which made trade ties stronger between Mali and other Muslin nations.

What is the second important event that occured during Mansa Musa's reign as king

Timbuktu became a center of learning.

What is the third important event that occurred during Mansa Musa's reign as king?

Mansa Musa ordered construction of the Great Mosque

What do Chinese people, Kingdom of Ghana, and caravans have in common?

All were involved in traveling great distances to exchange goods with people of other cultures

What does Renaissance mean and why was it important?

It began around 1350 and marked a new beginning in arts and sciences. There was an interest in learning more about the world. Advances in printing and ship design and building. New ideas could spread

What is the effect of Mansa Musa's pilgrimage to Mecca?

Stronger trade between Mali and other Muslim nations

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