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The study guide questions and vocabulary questions answered here :)

What does Mary Warren give Elizabeth?

A small rag doll, or a "poppet", that Mary had sewn that day in court.

What is Elizabeth's reaction to the gift?

She is surprised. A doll is an odd gift for a grown woman.

How many people have been arrested?

39 people were arrested.

What will happen to those who do not confess?

They will be hung.

Who has confessed?

Only Sarah Good confesses.

What does this mean for the others?

Now Sarah Good confessed, the charges against the others are more believable.

What would spare Sarah Good from hanging?

Considering she was pregnant, they spare her for her baby.

What shocking news does Mary offer regarding Elizabeth?

Mary says Elizabeth is accused of witchcraft.

What causes does Elizabeth immediately suspect?

She suspects that the accusation was Abigail's way of getting rid of her and marrying John.


to make better or more tolerable


a withered old woman

"cry me out":

accuse me as a witch


made; insane


searching in frustration

"from this out":

from now on

"I'd as life":

I'd rather


showing anger aroused by something unjust, unworthy, or mean




small doll


to recoil in dread of terror


in a scornful, mocking or derisive manner


contaminated; corrupted


crafty; cunning

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