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1 Drink is equivalent to

12 oz. beer, 5 oz. wine, 1.5 oz. 86 proof liquor

25 times, 6 times, 2 times respectively

Chances of Accident Will Increase With BAC of .15%, .10%, .05%

three suspensions in three years

Habitual Offender is someone who has

3-5 month suspension; $250-400 fine; $1000 insurance surcharge for 3 years, 12-48hr IDRC ($230/day); up to 30 days imprisonment

First DUI Conviction with a BAC of .08% to .10% punishment

30-90 day suspension; 15-30 day community service; IDRC/alcohol education/highway safety program and $1000 insurance surcharge for 3 years; 12-48hr IDRC ($230/day), up to 30 days imprisonment

First DUI Conviction of an underage driver with a BAC from .01% to .08% punishment

7 month-1 year suspension; $300-500 fine

if BAC greater than .10% punishment

3-second rule. 1 car length per 10mph

Rule of Thumb for Speed Adjustment


starts at 35mph, by 55mph tires can totally leave road surface. car rides up on film of water and motorist loses control
ease foot off gas

Acceleration Lane

extra lanes at highway entrances to join the flow of traffic

2 weeks

Report a Name Change within

100 ft

Signal Before Turning at

6 in, 20 ft, 75 ft, 10 ft, 25 ft, 50 ft, 50 ft

Parking Distances for curb, driveway entrance to fire station, street opposite fire station entrance, fire hydrant, cross walk, railroad crossing, stop sign

suspension, jail, fine

Penalties for Driving W/O Insurance


if motorist receives no moving violations for 1 year how many points are subtracted

equal to driving with .10% BAC for first offense

Penalty for Refusing a Breath Test

stop if possible

When Approaching Steady Yellow Light

left lane to left lane

When Making Left Turn

close to center line

Making Left Turn From Two-Way Street

turn after stopping completely and checking for pedestrians and other cars

When "No Turn On Red" is Absent


Two Parallel White Lines Across a Road

license, registration, proof of insurance

Documents Present at All Times


when driving in Fog use

Two Cars in Intersection Simultaneously the right-of-way belongs to motorist on...


in both directions

Solid Yellow Lines are Usually Found when traffic goes...

when motorist in front is turning left, when on multilane road

When to Pass on the Right


Flashing Red Light

proceed w/ caution

Green Light

stop line

Solid White Line Across Intersection


Diamond-Shaped Sign


Octagonal Sign


Triangular Sign

turn toward the direction the rear of the car is skidding, don't brake

In a Skid what do you do?

horn, headlights, signals

how can you communicate w/ Other Drivers

first 15 minutes of rainfall

Road is Most Slippery during

10 mph

When there is a School Bus in Front of School how fast can you pass

towards curb, towards curb, towards curb, towards road

Which way do wheels face when parking downhill with/ without curb, uphill with/ without curb

slow down, regain control, slowly turn onto road

Vehicle Runs Off Pavement


Mandatory Insurance


BAC "Under the Influence"

motorist going straight

Two Cars From Opposite Directions, One is turning, who has the right-of-way?

straight out, out and up, out and down

Hand Signals for left turn, right turn, and to stop or slow down

1/2 hour before sunrise, 1/2 hour after sunset, when visibility is less than 500ft

Headlights Must Be Used

open-country driving

High-Beams Are Used

check tires

When hearing a Thumping Noise one should...

12 seconds, low-beams

When City Driving how many seconds ahead does one look and what headlights does one use?

steering problem

Front of Car Vibrating is caused by a

signal when passing, when coming out of a blind alley, curve, or roadway

Use Your Horn

keeps motorist from being thrown, slows body down w/ vehicle, keep motorist in position (eliminates sliding in seat)

Benefits of Seat Belts include...

check left first

When Crossing An Intersection


Common Brake Mistake New Drivers Make

accelerates too quickly, turns too fast, brakes improperly

Vehicle Will Skid If Motorist

shift to lower gear

If Wheels Spin motorists should

go into lower gear, pump brake pedal

When there is Brake Failure one should

hold steering wheel firmly, keep vehicle straight while gradually slowing down, remove foot from gas pedal, don't brake

When experiencing a Blowout one should...

wait until next exit

Missing An Exit

slow down, vehicle will tend to go straight

When Driving On a Curve...

no signs or signals
motorist should slow down and be prepared to stop

Uncontrolled Intersections


Railroad Crossing With Flashing Light

when passing

Keep to Right Except

beer and marijuana

Most Often Found in Drivers Involved in Collisions

pedestrians, emergency vehicles, traffic on main road

Yield To

slow down, steer back to road

Returning From Dirt Shoulder

Eye Checkup must occur how often?

every 10 years

Deceleration Lane

extra lane for slowing down at highway exit

fine, more suspension, jail

Driving While Suspended

student and supervising driver

Responsibility When Student Commits Traffic Violation

2 years

Car Inspection Every

25 mph

Speed Limit in school zones, business or residential


Speed Limit in suburban business areas and residential areas is 35 miles per hour But is 25 MPH in residential districts or business districts

50 mph

Speed Limit in non-posted rural roadways

55 mph

Speed Limit in certain state highways (when posted) and interstates

65 mph

Speed Limit in certain interstates (when posted)


Hand Position on Steering Wheel

14 days

Inspection of vehicle after Moving to NJ within how many days after registering it

Implied Consent Law

by using NJ roadways, motorists are automatically agreeing to a breath test when asked

that gives, going in the same direction, or stationary

To Lessen Impact of Collision hit something

stop quickly, turn quickly, speed up

To Avoid a Collision

11:00 pm to 5:01 am

Hour Restrictions on Special Learner Permits and Examination Permit/Provisional Licenses

driving at night

be sure you can stop within the distance you can see when

for emergencies

No Hand-Held Devices Except

under 8 years old and under 80 pounds

Child Restraints are required for a child who is...

1 year

Provisional Driver is Provisional For

DUI or accumulation of 4 or more points

Motorist Must Attend Remedial Training Class For

no passing and passing

Solid and Broken Lines means

1 additional non-household member

Passengers restrictions for GDL drivers

1 week

Report Change of Address within

17 years old, 6 months supervised driving without suspensions, pass road test

Requirements for Provisional License

16 years old, pass knowledge test, enrolled in approved BTW training course

Requirements for Special Learner Permit

21 years or older, holds NJ driver's license, 3 years or more experience

Accompanying Driver Requirements


Fine for Violation of GDL Permit/ Provisional License Conditions

60 days or when his/her license expires, whichever comes first

Registration for Out-Of-State Drivers within

10 years suspension, 180 days jail, IDRC, up to 90 days community service

3rd Conviction of DUI

slow down and be prepared to stop

When Approaching Uncontrolled Intersection one should

November 15th through April 1st

Studded Snow Tires are allowed from

loss of driving priviledge, fine up to $1000, up to 6 months imprisonment

Altering A Driver's License results in...

$200-$500 fine, imprisonment of 30 to 90 days

Getting Illegal License results in...

6 months

How long is supervision w/ GDL Examination Permit required

Probationary Driver Program

for 2 years after receiving special learner permit or examination permit, 4 or more points (2 moving violations) must enroll in Driver School Program ->$100

3 points

Completion of Probationary Driver School Program results in a deduction of how many points?

black and yellow circle

Railroad Crossing Sign

right of the road until the vehicle passes

If A Vehicle Is Approaching With Bright Lights where do you look and for how long?

speeding, jerking motion,
weaving, quick stops, slow driving

Telltale Signs of Drunk Driving

amount of alcohol consumed, body weight, how quickly drinks were consumed, food eaten,

BAC is Determined By

reaction time, balance, coordination, vision, depth-perception

Alcohol Impairs

90% is oxidized by liver
10% is released in breath, urine, and sweat

How Alcohol is Removed

This can affect your driving

Tiredness, Drugs and alcohol, and illness.

When turning onto a 4 lane road from a 2 lane road it is best to turn into

The lane closest to the center of the road

If the brakes fail to stop your car, you should

put your car into a lower gear and pump your brakes.

The colors of a stop light from top to bottom are

red, yellow, green.

Drugs and alcohol can affect

Coordination, decision making and vision.

A new vehicle does not get inspected for

4 years

If you are 21 or over, you are considered under the influence if your BAC is


An uncontrolled intersection is

an un-marked intersection

DUI means

driving while using drugs or alcohol

To obtain a Special learner's permit you must

pass a written test, eye test and 6 hours of behind the wheel

A warning sign is the shape of a


A basic driver's license is awarded to someone who is at least


An orange triangle sign with a red border means

slow moving vehicle

If you are under 21 years old, you are considered under the influence if your BAC is

over 0.00% (not allowed to drink)

When a driver holds their left arm straight out the window it means he will

turn left.

Driving can be affected by

prescription drugs and illegal drugs

If you get a flat tire while driving on a two lane road the best thing to do is

take your foot off the gas and slowly leave the roadway

Use the 3 second rule when

determining following distance

If a student permit driver commits a traffic offense, the responsibility lies with

The instructor and the parent

Every licensed driver must have three items with them while driving. They are

a valid license, valid insurance and registration

An habitual offender is someone who

a person with three suspensions in three years

A state resident must transfer their license

within 60 days or until the out of state license expires whichever is first

Hydroplaning can cause

tires to ride up on a film of water and not contact the pavement

A common mistake for a new driver is

hitting the brake to hard

The purpose of a deceleration lane is

to allow the driver to slow down when leaving a highway/expressway

Where should the drivers hands be on the steering wheel

at 9and 3 o'clock

Drivers may use studded snow tire between

November 15 and April 1

If you are about to enter a curve in the road, you should

slow down before entering the curve

A triangle sign means


Rearview mirror blind spots are found

Behind rear window post, on the left side, and on the right side.

Driving while your license is suspended can result in

up to a $500 fine and 6 months of additional suspension

A conditional license in NJ can

not be obtained by any driver what so ever. (Never)

When your car goes into a skid

Take your foot off the gas, turn in the direction the rear of the car is going, and do not brake suddenly during the skid

If you loose a permit or license you should report it first to

the police

right turns are allowed at a red light when

after a full stop, when there is not a no turn on red sign and when traffic has been checked

When near a stop sign, you can park

as close as 50 feet.

An aggressive driver may exhibit

illegal passing and weaving in traffic

You can pass a school bus at 10mph when its red lights are flashing only if

the bus has pulled in front of a school to pick-up or drop off students

As few as two drinks can affect your

decision making, coordination, and reaction time

As a car enters a curve, it tends to go


A motorist must stop

at the direction of a traffic officier

Under a GDL permit of license seat belts should be worn by

any person in the car regardless of age

Stopping distance depends on

individuals reaction time, speed, and vehicles weight

An eight sided sign is

a stop sign

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