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The human body's daily functions are based on what?

Chemical Reactions

Study of substances that contain carbon

Organic Chemistry

Branch of chemistry dealing with compaounds that do not contain carbon

Inorganic Chemistry

Any substance that occupies space


What is the simplest form of matter?

An Element

Structural units that make up elements


How are Molecules formed?

Joining two or kore atoms chemically

There are BLANK types of molecules, what are they?

2, Elemental Molecule and Compond Molecule

Elemental Molecule

Contains two or more atoms of the same element that are united chemically.

Compound Molecules are also called BLANK?


Compound Molecule

Chemical combination of two or more atoms of different elements that are united chemically.

Suspensions are made up of

Uniform mixtures of two or more substances

Oil-in-water Emulsions

droplets of oil are dispersed in water


oil loving


water loving

Solutions are...

Miscible, clear, stable mixture with small particles.

Suspensions are...

slightly miscible, clouidy, unstable mixture with larger particles.

Emulsions are...

Immiscible, solid colored, limited stability with the largest particles.

two types of chemical reactions that are important to estheticians are

acid-alkali oxidation and reduction

a liquid state of matter has

definite size, but not a definite shape

anything below 7 on the pH scale is considered


Change of state

when ice melts and forms water, or when water turns to steam.

acid mantle

is the protective barrier of the skin

how do antioxidants prevent oxidation from occuring?

by neutralizing free radicals

antioxidants neutralize...

free radicals

molecules are made up of

two or more atoms that are chemically joined together

change in the state of a substance, without the formation of a new substance

Physical Change

Physical Properties are

color, odor, and weight

on a pH scale a change of one whole number represents

a tenfold change in pH

Immiscible substances are

not mutually soluble

the skin is made of


gaseous mixture that makes up the earth's atmosphere.



used to emulsify oil and water to create an emulsion.

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