Biology Chapter 4: Section 4-3 Review: Multicellular Organization

Modern Biology Study Guide Chapter 4 Section 3 Page 25 and 26

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Animal Tissue
A tissue is a group of similar cells that carry out a common function. Epithelial tissue
Animal Organ
An organ is several types of body tissues that together perform a function. Stomach
Animal Organ System
An organ system is a group of organs that interact to perform a set of related tasks. Digestive System
Colonial Organism
A colonial organism is a collection of genetically identical cells that live together in a closely connected group. "Volvox"
Cells that form the surface coverings of animal bodies constitute...
B....epithelial tissue.
Cells that transport water throughout a plant constitute...
C....vascular tissue.
Fossil evidence suggests that the earliest cells on Earth were...
A....simple prokaryotes.
The process in which cells become restricted to carrying out one or a few functions is called cell...
The cells in the green alga "Volvox" are...
B....genetically identical.
Colonial organisms probably evolved into...
D....animals, plants, and fungi.
What kind of animal tissue functions in the support and the linking of other tissues?
Connective tissue
What kind of animal tissue functions in transmitting messages rapidly through the body?
Nervous tissue
What is thought to have been the order of evolution of organisms on Earth, from the earliest cells to the most complex organisms existing today?
Simple prokaryotes, unable to make their own nutrients, that gradually adapted to eukaryotes.
A lichen is a close association between millions of fungal and algal cells that are specialized to perform different functions. Would you consider a lichen to be a colonial organism? Explain why or why not?
Yes, because it has many organisms that are specialized to perform specific function for the good of the overall organism.
The stomach is an example of the level of organization called...
an organ.
The esophagus, stomach, and intestine together are part of a level of organization called...
an organ system.
the structures shown in the inset (right) show the level of organization called...