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How would you characterize Thomas Putnam?

vindictive and greedy

What is the setting of The Crucible

Salem, Massachusettes in the 1600's

What was Abigail's motive for dancing in the woods?

She wanted Tituba to conjure a spell to kill Goody Proctor (John Proctor's wife)

What is the name of the witch expert that Rev. Parris sends for?

Rev. Hale

What does Rev. Parris catch the girls doing?

Dancing in the woods

When she awakens, Betty tells the girls that Abigail...

drank blood

What is the reasoning for Abigail's drinking of the blood?

She does this as part of putting a spell on Goody Proctor (John Proctor's wife)

What concerns Giles Corey?

That his wife is reading books

Why does Mrs. Putnam send her daughter Ruth to Tituba?

To conjure up her dead sisters

Why is Rev. .Parris reluctant to admit that the girls may be bewitched?

He is the minister and will lose his reputation in Salem.

What is Rebecca Nurse's explanation for the girls?

That children do foolish things and they will stop when they are tired of their nonsense.

What is one rumor going around town about Betty?

That she was seen flying over Ingersol's barn.

Why did Tituba confess to seeing the Devil?

It stopped Rev. Parris from beating her.

Mrs. Putnam blames witchcreaft for?

The death of her children.

Why doesn't John Proctor like Rev. Parris's sermons?

Because they speak about eternal damnation.

What type of government does Salem have?

A theocracy.

Characterize John Proctor.

Speaks without thinking, impulsive.

How would you characterize Abigail when she says, "I can make you wish youhad never seen the sun go down!"

A bully

Who doesn't John Proctor get along with?

Rev. Parris and Thomas Putnam

Who does Abigail blame


Abigail had an affair with

John Proctor

Tituba admits that Satan told her to kill...

Rev. Parris

What is at the root of the argument between John Proctor and Thomas Putnam?


Who is the most respected woman in the village?

Rebecca Nurse

Who says, "I cannot say my prayers!"

Giles Corey

Who says, "I never knew what a pretense Salem was!"

Abigail Williams

Who questions Abigail's reputation?

Rev. Parris

Characterize Giles Corey

Hard of hearing, quick to bring others to court

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