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APUSH Monroe- Tyler Review

The West
Henry Clay's call for federally funded roads and canals recieved whole hearted endorsement from
John Quincy Adams
The US most successful diplomat in the Era of Good Feelings was
Possession of Florida
Andrew Jackson's military exploits were intrumental in the US gaining
James Monroe
the Era of Good Feelings refers to the presidency of
free state
as a resukt if the Missouri Compromise, Maine entered the Union as a
The Treaty of 1818
called for a ten year joint occupation of the Oregon country by both American and GB
The House of Representatives
who decided the 1824 presidential election when no candidate recieved a majority of the cotes in the Electoral College
Henry Clay, Secretary of State
John Q Adams elected president in 1824 was charged by his political opponents with having struck a "corrupt barain" when he appointed ____ to become ______.
spoils system
the purpose behind the ____ ____ was to reward political supporters with public office
the South
the section of the US most hurt by the Tariff of 1828 was
States rights
John C Calhoun's "South Carolina Exposition" was an argument for
tariff policy
the "nullification crisis" of 1832-33 erupted over
forced removal
the policy of the Jackson administration toward the Eastern Indian tribves was...
nullification, Mrs Calhouns disapproval of Peggy Eaton, States rights issues
what issues caused a nreak between Andrew Jackson and John Calhoun
The Specie Circular
what was a major cause of the Panic of 1837
private and state banks
jackson removed deposits from the Bank of the US and deposited them in...
The WHigs
what party won the Election of 1840 by playing on Harrison's miltary career
the Election of 1828 was significant to AMerican history because it showed the growing political party of the
President Jackson amplified the power of the presidency by using the ____ more than all previous presidents
slow land sales and a recession
2 results if the Specie Circular was...
Jacksonian Democracy
an effort to make government more directly responsible to popular will
Independent Treasury System
President Van Buren responded to the Panic of 1837 by creating
supporters of states rights believed that state power should be _____ than federal power
The Bureau of Indian Affairs
this was created by Congress to oversee federal policy toward American Indians
Panic of 1837
shortly after Van Buren took office the country experienced a financial crisis called
the reign of King Mob
refers to Jackson's inaugural and White House reception in 1829
Worcester v. Georgia 1832
the US supreme court ruled that the state of georgia could not force the Cherokees ti give up their land
the Trail of Tears describes the removal of this group to the Indian Territory
which on of the following is not a state in which members of the Five Civilized Tribes lived
Nicholas Biddle
Andrew Jackson's effort to break the bank of the US was focused on one man...
Henry Clay
What one man did ANdrew Jackson blame for the "corrupt bargain" slander against his wife and the Seond Bank issue
Henry Clay
name the politician who thought he could defeat Andrew Jackson in the presidentrial election of 1832 by permaturly introducing the bill to recharter the Bank of the US
Erie Canal
the "canal era" of American history began with the contriction of the
The Peggy Eaton Affair
this led to Jackson asking for the resignation of his cabinet
William Henry Harrison
Tippecanoe and Tyler too, refers to the presidential election of...
Daniel Webster
the only member of Tyler's Whig cabinet who did not resign in protest over his policies was...
Webster-Ashburton Treaty
the British American dispute over the border of Maine was solved by the
sectionalism over nationalism
the two political parties of the Jacksonian Era tended to promote...