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ELI Core Vocabulary - Level 2 - Weeks 5-7


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definite (adj.)
clearly known, seen or stated
definitely (adv.)
without any doubt
inspect (v.)
to look at something carefully
inspection (n.)
an official visit to a place to check that nothing is wrong
item (n.)
a single thing, especially one thing in a list or group
possess (v.)
to have a thing or an ability
release (v.)
to let someone or something go free or to make something available
comment (n.)
an opinion that you give about someone or something
instance (n.)
an example of a particular fact, event, situation, etc.
interrupt (v.)
to stop someone from continuing what they are saying or doing by suddenly speaking to them, making a noise, etc.
odd (adj.)
different from what is normal or expected, especially in a way that you disapprove of or cannot understand
uneasy (adj.)
worried or slightly afraid because you think that something bad might happen
annoy (v.)
to make someone feel slightly angry about something; to bother someone
deny (v.)
to say that something is not true, or that you do not believe something
innocent (adj.)
not guilty of a crime
intense (adj.)
very extreme or having a very strong effect
rude (adj.)
speaking or behaving in a way that is not polite and is likely to offend or annoy people