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Two lists reflecting different data about the same person is an example of

data inconsistency.

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of using a database versus lists?

Databases are easier to build and maintain than lists.

A group of related fields in a relational database is called a


In databases, tables are related using

primary keys and foreign keys.

A field that has a unique value for each record in a database is called the

primary key.

A primary key of one table that is also found in a related table is a

foreign key.

Which of the following is one of the four main operations of a database management system?

Querying data

Ensuring that a field must contain a number that is between two valuesis an example of a(n)

range check.

A system that is designed to help perform routine daily tasks is known as a(n)

office support system.

An electronic system used to record sales of products through Web site is an example of a

transaction processing system.

A query is designed to make data entry into a database easier.


Consistency checks ensure that only reasonable data values are entered into a database


Reducing data redundancy by recording data only once is called data normalization


A data warehouse is a smaller slice of a data mart.


The main reason businesses use data mining is to simplify transaction processing systems


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