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When completing a verbal aptitude test, members of an ethnic minority group are particularly likely to perform below their true ability levels if they believe that the test

is biased against members of their own ethnic group.

Robert Sternberg distinguished among analytical, practical, and ________ intelligence.


Compared with Gardner, Sternberg has identified ______ independent dimensions of intelligence and his forms of intelligence have been ______ reliably measured.

fewer; more

Sweden and Iceland exhibit little of the gender gap in mathematical abilities found in Turkey and Korea. This best illustrates that mental abilities are

socially influenced.

Studies suggest that there is a positive correlation between intelligence and the brain's

ability to quickly perceive a simple visual stimulus.

L. L. Thurstone identified seven clusters of primary mental abilities, including word fluency, memory, and inductive reasoning. He claimed that word fluency

involves a different dimension of intelligence from that of reasoning.

Babies in an Iranian orphanage suffered delayed intellectual development due to

a deprived environment.

Satoshi Kanazawa claims that people's scores on the general intelligence factor are most highly correlated with their ability to solve ________ problems.


The similarity between the intelligence test scores of identical twins raised apart is

greater than that between ordinary siblings reared together.

Howard Gardner is most likely to agree that the concept of intelligence includes

spatially analyzing visual input.

When Professor McGuire asks her students to answer questions in class, she can quickly tell from their facial expressions whether they are happy to participate. Professor McGuire's perceptual skill best illustrates

emotional intelligence.

Disproportionately more Whites than Blacks would be admitted into American colleges if performance scores on ________ were the only basis for college admissions. SAT, WAIS and Stanford-Binet

all of these tests

Intelligence tests are "biased" in the sense that

test performance is influenced by cultural experiences.

The ability to produce novel and valuable ideas is called


By demonstrating both intelligence and grit, highly successful people demonstrate the importance of both ability and


The lower region of the ________ lobe is a center for processing mathematical and spatial information.


Factor analysis is a statistical procedure that can be used to

identify clusters of closely related test items

Psychologists use ________ to assess individuals' mental aptitudes and compare them with those of others.

Intelligence tests

In one massive study of 11,000 twin pairs in four countries, the heritability of general intelligence was found to be greatest during

young adulthood

Generating multiple possible answers to a problem illustrates

Divergent thinking

Although Nicole scored well above average on an academic aptitude test, she frequently loses her temper and needlessly antagonizes even her best friends. Her behavior best illustrates a low level of

Emotional Intelligence

Women have scored ________ on math tests when no male test-takers were in the tested group, and Blacks have scored ________ when tested by Blacks than when tested by Whites.


Brain size (adjusted for body size) is ________ correlated with intelligence. The speed of taking in perceptual information is ________ correlated with intelligence.

positively; positively

On average, the intelligence test scores of the Dingbats are much higher than those of the Dodos. The difference in the average test scores of the two groups might be a product of environmental differences between two groups with similar genetics.
genetic differences between two groups with similar environments.
genetic and environmental differences between the two groups.

Any of these things

Research suggests that women are more skilled than men at

detecting other people's emotions.

Experts who defend intelligence tests against the charge of being culturally biased and discriminatory would be most likely to highlight the ________ of intelligence tests.

predictive validity

Those who define intelligence as academic aptitude are most likely to criticize

Gardner's concept of multiple intelligences.

Compared with traditional college entrance exams, assessments that include tests of Sternberg's three intelligences reveal ________ ethnic group differences in intelligence and ________ accurate prediction of American students' first-year grades.

reduced; more

Brain scans reveal that identical twins' brains have ________ gray matter volume and ________ white matter volume.

similar; similar

To assess whether intelligence is a single trait or a collection of several distinct abilities, psychologists have made extensive use of

factor analysis.

Brain scans indicate that smart people

require less energy to solve problems than the average person.

The most creative scientists are those who

are intrinsically motivated to solve problems

Which of the following persons best illustrates Sternberg's concept of practical intelligence?

Shelley, a newspaper reporter who has established a large network of information sources

Today's researchers have identified many different chromosomal regions important to intelligence. This indicates that intelligence is


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