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Henry Lee Lucas


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August 23, 1936 in Virginia
Early home life
-Mother: Viola, abusive, bootlegger, and prostitute.
-Father: Drunk, Paraplegic.
-Forced to dress like a girl for the first 6 years.
-Brother blinded him by stabbing his eye.
Early Crime
-Burglarized an appliance store: 2 years in reformatory.
-Felony: 4 years in Virginia State Penitentiary. Escaped, but later caught.
-Stayed with his sister in Michigan.
-Mother found him.
-He killed his mother in a drunken, anger induced, accident.
-Convicted of 2nd degree murder: sentenced to 20-40 years, served 10.
-Met Otis Toole who raised his orphaned niece and nephew.
-Henry left with Becky Powell (Claiming they were married)
Life with Becky
-Relationship began when she was 12.
-Made there way through TX.
-Met Kate Rich (82), who took them in.
-Stayed at House of Prayer after Rich's family made Lucas leave.
-Becky wanted to go back to Florida, but Henry couldn't because he was wanted.
The Death of Becky Powell
-Started Hitchhiking on August 24, 1982.
-Slept in a field.
-They argued.
-Becky slapped Lucas.
-He stabbed her.
-Had sex with her body, cut it into pieces, and scattered it around the field.
-Returned weeks later to burry her body parts in a shallow grave near some trees.
After Becky
-Told House of Prayer people that Becky had run off without him.
-Went to Kate Rich and asked for her to help him find Becky.
The Death of Kate Rich
-Went down a back road and stabbed Kate.
-Had sex with her dead body.
-Stuffed her into a drainage ditch.
-Found out he was a suspect in her disappearance.
-Went back, got body, burned in an oven at the House of Prayer.
-Scattered the ashes.
Arrested for Felony Possession of a Firearm in 1983; Stoneburg, TX.
-Confessed that he killed Kate and Becky.
-Gave them plenty of evidence.
-Confessed to killing hundreds. (Later confessed to at least 360)
Henry Lee Lucas Task Force
-Treated him very well
-Given whatever he wanted
-Widespread notoriety.
-Texas Ranger, Max Call, fed him lots of information while writing a book about Lucas.
-Rangers shared pictures, reports, and crime scenes with him.
Started confessing to murders with Lucas.
Death Sentence
-Was convicted of the "orange sock" murder.
-Granted 2 stays of execution.
-Bush later commuted his sentence to life because of the lack of evidence.
-Died of natural causes in 2001.
The World's Most Notorious Killer
The World's Most Notorious Liar.
His goal
"I set out to break and corrupt any law enforcement officer I could get. I think I did a pretty good job."