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Makes up the Legislative Branch, the legislature of the United States government

President, Vice President, and Cabinet

Makes up the Executive Branch, part of the executive branch


Legislative Body with 100 Members, the upper house of the United States Congress

House of Representatives

Legislative Body with 435 Members, the lower legislative house of the United States Congress

The People

Who elects the members of the Congress?

Checks and Balances

A system that allows each branch of government to limit the powers of the other branches in order to prevent abuse of power

Checks and Balances of the Legislative Branch

Can override a veto by the President and approve who the President appoints to the Supreme Court


Executive branch member selected by election, appoints the 9 Supreme Court Justices

Vice President

Executive branch member selected by President who will become President if the President dies


Executive branch members appointed by the president

Executive Branch

Branch responsible for executing laws, Branch responsible for enforcing laws

Legislative Branch

Branch responsible for making laws

Judicial Branch

Branch responsible for interpreting laws and handing down judgments, Branch responsible for making sure laws are constitutional

Checks and Balances of the Judicial Branch

Checks that laws and the President's actions are constitutional

Supreme Court

Makes up the Judicial branch, consists of 9 justices who are appointed by the president

Checks and Balances of Executive Branch

Approval or veto of Congress' bills and appointment of Supreme Court Justices

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