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Hound of the Baskervilles Study Questions Chapters 1-15

Let me know if I'm inaccurate on anything. Also, I'll do Chapters 1-6 when we get them back. If anyone wants to help me on some of the questions, that'd be great!!
In Chapter 1, who was the narrator?
Watson (Sherlock Holmes' Assistant)
In Chapter 1, from what object did Watson and Holmes learn about James Mortimer? What clues did it provide?
His cane. It was quite beaten up, left at a house (or on a street?) and had deep jaw marks of a dog in one spot.
In Chapter 1, what did Holmes induce from the clues on the object (Mortimer's cane)
It showed he had a spaniel, walked a lot, and was quite friendly with his clients because he left his cane at someone's house.
In Chapter 1, how did Mortimer inadvertently insult Holmes?
Mortimer called him the second best detective in Europe, and Holmes had quite a high opinion of himself.
In Chapter 2, what was Dr. Mortimer's relationship with Sir Charles Baskerville?
They were patient/doctor as well as friends.
In Chapter 2, what did the manuscript dated 1742 say?
It said that Hugo Baskerville had fallen in love with a woman who didn't love him back, so he locked her up in a tower at Baskerville Hall until she fell in love with him. She escaped, though, and Hugo, along with 12 other men on horseback to find her. He eventually sold his soul to the devil if he could have her, accidentally selling the souls of every Baskerville to come.
In Chapter 2, what were the circumstances of Sir Charles Baskerville's death?
People think he died of a heart attack, but when he was told the tale of Sir Charles' death, you could see he stood for 5-10 min. and went from a walk to a run. You could also see footprints of a giant dog about 100 yds. away.
In Chapter 2, who were Charles Baskerville's next of kin?
Henry Baskerville and Rodger Baskerville
In Chapter 2, what were the "private facts" Mortimer told Holmes?
Charles believed the family was cursed, the dog footprints, Dr. Mortimer saw dog footprints, the dog was as big as a calf.
In Chapter 7, about what did Mr. Barrymore lie?
He lied about not hearing his wife cry
In Chapter 7, why did Watson go to Grimpen, what did he find out there?
He wanted to see if the telegram had been delivered to the hands of Mr. Barrymore. It was delivered to his wife, not him.
In Chapter 7, who ran up behind Watson on the road from Grimpen to Baskerville Hall?
Mr. Stapleton
In Chapter 7, identify Merripit House
Right by Grimpen Mire, where the Stapletons live
In Chapter 7, what bad place did Stapleton claim to be able to cross?
Grimpen Mire, a bog that looks like a grassy area.
In Chapter 7, what strange sound did Watson hear in the moor while at Merripit House with Stapleton? What explanation did Stapleton give?
a loud groan, "the hound calling for the soul of the Baskervilles" a rare bird or the bog bubbling
In Chapter 7, what warning did Stapleton's sister mistakenly give to Watson?
She thought he was Henry Baskerville, telling him to go back to London instantly and never step foot on the moor again.
In Chapter 8, Watson said his "popularity would soon suffer" if he were to carry out Holmes' order to the letter. Why?
The instructions were to never let Sir Henry go out alone, but if Henry started dating Stapleton's sister, they would want to be alone.
In Chapter 8, what did Watson tell Holmes about Frankland?
Passion for British law, fought and argued for mere pleasure, going to sue Mortimer for digging up a body without permission, amateur astronomer, had a telescope and looked for Selden, the Notting Hill Murderer on the moor
In Chapter 8, what strange event did Watson witness in the middle of the night?
Barrymore was walking in the middle of the night across the balcony to an empty room with a window overlooking the moor. He was waiving a candle as if signaling someone
In Chapter 9, what did Watson discover about the window Barrymore had looked out? What conclusion did he draw?
The window had the best view of the moor, Watson thought Barrymore was trying to communicate with someone.
In Chapter 9, what did Watson witness from the hill?
He saw Henry and Ms. Stapleton talking and Mr. Stapleton interrupted angrily.
In Chapter 9, what explanation did Stapleton give for his behavior towards his sister and Henry?
He said that he really loved his sister, she was his everything, and if she left he'd be lonely.
In Chapter 9, what explanation did Mr. and Mrs. Barrymore give for Mr. Barrymore's late-night visits to the west window?
Barrymore was trying to make sure Selden, Mrs. Barrymore's brother, had food and clothing.
In Chapter 9, why did Watson and Sir Henry venture out onto the moor?
They wanted to capture Selden and bring him to the police.
In Chapter 9, what sound did Watson and Henry hear when they were out on the moor looking for Selden?
the howling of the Hound of the Baskervilles
In Chapter 10, why did Sir Henry agree not to per sure Selden anymore?
Selden was leaving for South America in a few days and wouldn't be causing any trouble.
In Chapter 10, what information did Barrymore give Watson?
Before Sir Charles died, he got a letter from L.L. to meet him at the moor at 10 p.m. on the night of his death.
In Chapter 10, who was L.L.?
Laura Lyons, (Frankland's Daughter, was getting a divorce from a hurtful relationship and was very vulnerable and desperate, was falling in love with Stapleton and thought he felt the same way)
In Chapter 10, what useful information about the "other man on the moor" did Barrymore give Watson?
There was another man and a boy. The boy got the man's food and Frankland was using his telescope to try and see the man. (It was Sherlock Holmes)
In Chapter 11, how did Watson get L.L. to answer his questions?
He threatened to make her divorce a public scandal.
In Chapter 11, why did L.L. write to Sir Charles seeking a meeting?
Stapleton urged her that Sir Charles would be a good person to ask for financial help, so she needed money for her divorce.
In Chapter 11, why didn't L.L. keep her appointment to Sir Charles?
Stapleton promised her money, so she didn't need Sir Charles' money. Stapleton told her to stay back so he could kill Sir Charles.
In Chapter 11, what good information did Watson get from Frankland on his day of celebration?
He took Watson upstairs and showed him that Holmes was the other man on the moor.
In Chapter 11, who was "the man on the tor"?
Sherlock Holmes
In Chapter 12, how did Holmes know Watson was inside the dwelling?
He saw the stub of Watson's cigarette (Bradley, Oxford St.)
In Chapter 12, who was Miss Stapleton?
Mr. Stapleton's wife, not sister
In Chapter 12, Mrs. Stapleton deceived Henry (among others). Who did Mr. Stapleton deceive about marital status?
Laura Lyons
In Chapter 12, whose death did Holmes and Watson witness on the moor?
Selden's death; he was attacked by the Hound of the Baskervilles while wearing Sir Charles' clothes
In Chapter 13, why didn't Watson and Holmes want Stapleton arrested for killing Selden?
They had no evidence.
In Chapter 13, what was interesting to Holmes about the portrait of Hugo Baskerville?
He looked exactly like Stapleton.
In Chapter 13, what was Stapleton's motive for killing Charles and Henry?
He was next in line for the estate, or he thought. He wasn't aware of another heir that lived in Canada.
In Chapter 13, how'd Holmes get Laura Lyons to divulge all she knew?
Holmes told her Stapleton was already married.
In Chapter 3, why had nobody else seen footprints of the hound?
They were 20 yds. away from the body and nobody had paid attention to them.
In Chapter 3, describe the creature on the moor that several people had seen prior to Sir Charles' death.
ghastly, luminous, giant
In Chapter 3, what did Dr. Mortimer want of Holmes?
Dr. Mortimer wanted to know what to do with the heir- to stay at the manor or go to America.
In Chapter 3, who were Sir Charles' other kinsmen?
Rodger Baskerville, black sheep of the Baskervilles like Hugo, flew to South America and died of yellow fever, Hugo Baskerville, and Henry Baskerville
In Chapter 3, what advice did Holmes give Mortimer?
He said not to tell Henry about the legend and to come back to him with Henry so he could tell Henry.
In Chapter 3, what was Holmes' theory about Sir Charles' death?
He was waiting for someone when he saw the dog and his heart gave out because of shock.
In Chapter 4, Henry Baskerville received a note at the Northumberland Hotel. What was the message?
"As you value your life or your reason keep away from the moor."
In Chapter 4, what did Holmes induce from the message?
The writer was an educated man trying to look like an uneducated one. He was trying to conceal his handwriting because it may be known to Henry. He was writing at a hotel because the ink was spluttering.
In Chapter 4, what had Henry lost at the hotel?
A boot
In Chapter 4, why did Holmes follow Henry Baskerville and Dr. Mortimer?
He was trying to see who the man was that wrote the letter by seeing if anyone was following them.
In Chapter 4, who did Holmes see in the cab on Regent St.? Describe the person.
A man with a bushy black beard and piercing eyes, looked at the men then yelled at the driver.
In Chapter 5, why did Holmes look at the hotel register and what did he find?
He wanted to see if the man that was following them was staying there, (who'd checked in after Henry) he wasn't.
In Chapter 5, why was Holmes glad Sir Henry decided to go to Baskerville Hall?
They wanted to get him out of the hotel to see if the stalker would come to Dartmouth with them, they wanted to find out more about Barrymore.
In Chapter 5, why did Holmes send a telegraph to Barrymore?
To find out where he was.
In Chapter 5, who went to stay with Sir Henry at Baskerville Hall? Why?
Watson stayed with Sir Henry because Holmes didn't think it was safe for Baskerville to go alone, Watson would protect him from whoever was following him.
In Chapter 5, what were the "three broken threads"?
The newspaper wasn't to be found, Barrymore is at Baskerville Hall, the cab driver said the passenger was "Sherlock Holmes"
In Chapter 6, what people did Holmes want Watson to especially study?
The Barrymores and the Stapletons.
In Chapter 6, why was there a mounted soldier along the road by the moor?
A convict from Princetown had escaped, Selden the Notting Hill Murderer.
In Chapter 6, why did Mr. and Mrs. Barrymore want to leave Baskerville Hall?
They were really close with Sir Charles and it was painful for them to be at the house.
In Chapter 6, what sound did Watson hear in the middle of the night?
The sob of a woman.
In Chapter 14, who did Watson see at Merripit House? Who was missing?
Sir Henry and Mr. Stapleton, Mrs. Stapleton was missing.
In Chapter 14, what unexpected problem caused trouble for Holmes' plan?
The fog, they couldn't see.
In Chapter 14, what surprised Holmes and Watson?
They didn't expect to see the hound and see it look that way.
In Chapter 14, what happened to the "Hound of the Baskervilles"?
Holmes killed him with 5 barrels of a revolver.
In Chapter 14, what made the hound appear to have a flaming mouth?
In Chapter 14, who did Watson and Holmes find on the upper floor bedroom of Merripit House?
Mrs. Stapleton
In Chapter 14, what help did Mrs. Stapleton offer?
She showed them where he escaped to.
In Chapter 14, what happened to Mr. Stapleton?
He drowned at the mire.
In Chapter 14, what did they find at the mine?
The skeleton of Mortimer's spaniel (the hound had been fed it), the mixture of phosphorus, and Henry's boots.
In Chapter 15, what was disclosed?
It was the denouement, Stapleton was a Baskerville and followed Henry around in London