18 terms

11 Month Short Answer

Upper Hinge
IN V-ex, when attacking a door from the hinge side, where do you start?
Smoke, Fire and water damage
Salvage and Overhaul is the reduction of further ______, ____ and _____ ______
prusik Hitch
What knot would youuse to cinch a smaller rop to a larger one?
3 m
How far must you keep ladder awary from power lines?
Charged line, try before you pry and check door for heat
What are the three forcible entry SOPS?
Check cylinder pressure, Check sentinel pressure, ensure PASS is activated, Tug, Bypass negative pressure
What are the six SCBA check in their proper order?
Lookouts, anchor points, communications, escape routes, safety zones
In Wildland Firefighting, what does LACES stand for?
What is the only approved method for keep a fire separtation door open?
Protects the treads, keeps out debris and prevents water supply contamination
What are the three reasons for having Caps on the FDC?
Combustion in the rapid _____________ process of a fuel which releases energy in the form of heat and light
Gypsum board
Wha is the most common form of fire resistive constructiov
Ammonium phosphate
What chemical is used in ABC (multi-purpose cry chem) Extinguishers?
Free burning fire, intense heat rollover and thick dark smoke
What are the signs of flashover?
Action Circle
The area 3-5 M (10-15 ft) around the vehicles involved in a MVC is called what
Rate Rhythm and Volume
What are the 3 main things to remember when talking on the radio?
Hose Rope, Hose clamp, Hose ramp
Name 3 Hose tools
axial, transverse, eccentric
What are 3 types of member loading?
When dealing with vehicle fire, FPB will want the make, model and ____ of the vehicle