Chapter 3 Vocab and review (Science)

This is vocab and chapter review Periods 5 & 7 Test is on Monday Periods 2 & 4 Test is on Tuesday
Cell Cycle
Most cells in an organism go through a cycle of growth, development, and division called the ---- -----
Is the period during the cell cycle of a cell's growth and development
The nucleus and its contents divide
Sister Chromatids
Two identical chromosomes, called ------ ----------, make up a duplicated chromosome
Sister chromatids are held together by a structure called the ----------.
During ----------- the cytoplasm and its contents divide.
Daughter Cells
Are the two new cells that result from mitosis and cytokinesis.
The nucleolus disappears, and the nuclear membrane breaks down. Spindle fibers begin to form. Copied DNA condenses into chromosomes.
Chromosomes line up in single file at the middle of the cell.
Sister chromatids separate. Spindle fibers begin to shorten, pulling chromatids toward opposite sides of the cell. The cell begins to lengthen.
A nuclear membrane forms around the chromatin. Chromosomes begin to unwind. Spindle fibers begin to break down. Two identical nuclei form.
Does the cell that the daughter cells are made of still exist (Yes or No)
What are the results of cell division?
Reproduction, growth, replacement, and repair
A duplicated chromosome is made of two?
Sister Chromatids
Which is NOT part of mitosis? (put the term)
a: anaphase
b: interphase
c: prophase
d: telophase
Cell Differentiation
The process by which cells become different types of cells is called ---- ----------------
Stem Cell
Are unspecialized cells that are able to develop into many different cell types
Plant cells also have unspecialized cells similar to ANIMAL stem cells. These cells are grouped into areas of a plant called?
are groups of different tissues working together to preform a particular job
Organ Systems
are groups of different organs that work together to complete a series of tasks
are groups of similar types of cells that work together to carry out specific tasks
Humans have four main types of tissue, what are they?
muscle, connective, nervous, and epithelial
Plants have three main types of tissue, what are they?
dermal, vascular, and ground tissue
The new cells formed by mitosis are called?
daughter cells
Organs are groups of _________ working together to preform a specific task.
Chromosomes line up in the center of the cell during which stage? (put term)
a: anaphase
b: metaphase
c: prophase
d: telophase
What is the longest part of the cell cycle? (put term)
a: anaphase
b: cytokinesis
c: interphase
d: mitosis
In which stage of mitosis do spindle fibers form? (put term)
a: anaphase
b: metaphase
c: prophase
d: telophase
What structures separate during anaphase? (put term)
a: centromeres
b: sister chromatids
c: nuclei
d: organelles
sister chromatids
Which is the most accurate description of a leaf or your stomach? (put term)
a: a cell
b: an organ
c: an organ system
d: a tissue
an organ