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Axial and appendicular muscles

Originates: Temporal Fossa
Inserts: Mandible
Function: Closes and retracts the jaw.
Originates: Zygomatic Arch
Inserts: Mandible
Function: Elevates and Protracts the jaw (closes mouth)
Originates Mandible
Inserts: Corner of mouth (orbicularis oris)
Function: Presses Cheeks against Teeth
Puckers Lips
Originates: The sternum and the clavicle
Inserts: Mastoid process
Action:When both sides contract, opposite rotation occurs. Flex forward.
Orbicularis Oris
Protrudes the lips closes the mouth
Orbicularis Oculi
Closes eyes
Pulls eyebrows up and wrinkles forehead
What are the four muscles of mastication?
1. Masseter
3.Pterygoid (2)
medial pterygoid
lateral pterygoid
What action does the pterygoid make?
It moves the jaw side to side
Rectus Capitis Posterior Major
Originates:Spinous Process of axis c2
Inserts: All the way up to the occipital bone
Action: Laterally Rotates
Rectus Capitus Posterior Minor
Originates: Spinous Process of c1
Inserts: Occipital bone
Actions: Laterally rotates and extends the neck
Splenius Capitus
Originates: t6 all the way to c7 Sp
Inserts: Occipital bone and c1 to c3 tp's
action: When both sides contract extension occurs. When 1 side contracts lateral flexion and lateral rotation occurs
Iliocostalis(most lateral)
Spinalis (medial)
Originates: Posterior Aspect of iliac crest, Sacrum, lower lumbar vertebrae
Inserts: vertebrae and ribs and to occipital bone
Action: When it contracts you extend back. Extension occurs when both sides contract together When one side cotracts side bend.
Originates: TP ttravel up 2 to 4 segments
Inserts: SP
Action: Spinal Rotation
Originates: TP
Inserts: Vertebral arch of segment above
Originates : TP
Inserts: 6 segments superiorly up
Action: Extends and Rotates
Quadratus Lumborum
Originates: Iliac Crest
Inserts: Rib 12 and TP's of L1 SIDE
Actions:Bends foot off the ground
Prime respiratory muscle
In between ribs, when breathing out internal costals pull ribs in.
Rectus Abdominis
Originates: Pubic Symphysis runs up to middle of chest. Inserts: Trunk
External Obliques
Originates: Last 8 ribs
Inserts: Iliac Crest
Action: Flexion Unilateral Rotation Contralateral Rotation
Internal Oblique
Originates: Iliac Crest
Inserts: Last 4 ribs
Action :Flexes Trunk and rotates isolateral hip
Pec Major
Originates: Sternum and Clavicle
Inserts: Humerous
Action: Flexion and adduction of humerous
Pec Minor
Originates: Ribs 3-5
Inserts: Coracoid
Action: Depression downward and rotstion of the scapula
Serratus Anterior
Originates: Ribs 1-8
Inserts: Medial Border of the scapula
Action: Retracts the scapula and rotates upward.
Trap Muscles (3)
Originates: Occipital bone and the SP of c1-12
Inserts: Clavicle acromion end and spine of scapula
Upper: Shrugs shoulders elevates and upwardly rotates the scapula
Middle: Retracts Scapula Adducts
Lower: Depresses Scapula and upwardly Rotates.
Levator Scapulae
Originates :TP's of c1-c4
Inserts:Medial Border of scapula
Action:Elevates the scapula and downwardly rotates the scap position from glenoid cavity
Rhomdoid Major
Originates: SP of c7 to t5
Inserts: Medial Border of Scapula
Action:Downwardly rotates adduction pulls scapula toward medial line.
Rhomdoid Minor
Rotator Cuff
Head of humerous into the scapula 4 muscles SITS
Teres Minor
Originates: Supraspinous Fossa
Inserts: humerous
Action: Abduction externally rotates the arm
Originates: Infraspinous Fossa
Inserts: Humerous
Action:Adducts externally rotates the arm
Teres Minor
Originates: Inferior angle of scapula
Inserts: Humerous
Action: Aduction external Rotation
Originates: Subscapular Fossa
Inserts: Humerous
Action: Medial/Internal rotation of the arm