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  1. demi
  2. attitude
  3. ballet
  4. en croix
  5. passe
  1. a like a cross
  2. b to pass
  3. c a position on one leg with the other leg lifted and bent
  4. d half
  5. e a classical Western dance form that originated in the Renaissance courts of Europe. By the time of Louis XIV (mid-1600s), steps and body positions underwent codification

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  1. cat
  2. step of the bourrée
  3. to chase
  4. a position of the body when supported on one leg and the other is raised behind
  5. a rocking step

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  1. tenduto fall


  2. port de bracarriage of the arms


  3. plieto prick


  4. grandebig, large


  5. tombeto stretch