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Info Tech Midterm

tracking inventory
most likely to use RFID technology
what distinguishes wikis from blogs?
you can modify the content in wikis but im blogs you can only post comments
allows people to have content pulled from websites and fed to their computers automatically
randomly assigns users to a range of frequencies over time
digital subscriber lines
operate over existing telephone lines to carry voice, data and video
top level domain
child domain of the root
uniform resource locator
a protocol prefix, domain name, directory path and a document name.
which protocol is the internet based on?
encrypted private network configured within a public network
enables logging onto one computer and working on another
oranization that helps define the overall structure of the internet
how many devices can blue tooth link up?
text mining
used to analyze large unstructured data sets such as emails, memos, survey responses, to discover patterns and relationships
data manipulation language
specialized language progrmmers used to add and change data and in the database
you want to determine what characteristics are shared among your most loyal customers; you need to use a data mining software that is capable of:
creating an inventory of the data elements contained in the database
the data ditionary serves as an important data management tool by
user mining
NOT used in web mining
information policy
the organization's rules for sharing, disseminating, acquiring, standardizing, classifying and inventorying info is called an:
data inconsistency
common database challenged illustrated by a person receiving multiple copies of an LL Bean catalog all addressed to a different variation of their full name.
entity relationship diagram
a schematic of the entire database that describes the relationships in a database is called an:
display data in an easier to read format
DBMSs typically include report generating tools in order to
object relational DBMS
You are creating a video and animation sharing Web site whose content will be supplied by content, video, and applets stored in a database and you anticipate very high loads on the server. Which of the following DBMSs will most likely serve your needs?
airport code
You are creating a database to store temperature and wind data from national airport locations. Which of the following fields is the most likely candidate to use as the basis for a primary key in the Airport table?
surveying data definition and query files
Which of the following is NOT a method for performing a data quality audit?
The tool that enables users to view the same data in different ways using multiple dimensions is
a data mart typically focuses on a single subject area or line of business
A data mart usually can be constructed more rapidly and at lower cost than a data warehouse because
find hidden relationships in data
data mining is a tool for allowing users to
grid computing
Which of the following is NOT one of the current software platform trends?
What are created by combining and customizing components from different online software applications?
a Java Virtual Machine to be installed on the computer
are created by combining and customizing components from different online software applications.
Which of the following is a technique used to allow users to interact with a Web page without having to wait for the Web server to reload the Web page?
an example of open source software
networked computers with idle resources
Which of the following does grid computing utilize to create enormous supercomputing power?
Move one firm into using the other's system in order to centralize management and support services.
Your firm, an auto parts manufacturer, has just merged with an automobile engine manufacturer, and the two companies have different SCM systems. Which of the following strategies would be the most likely course to help to reduce the TCO of the merged firms' technology investments?
hold focus groups to asses your services
How would you determine the market demand for your firm's IT services?
Hardware and software acquisition costs account for about ________ percent of TCO.
what is the foundation of technology for web services?
A formal contract between customers and their service providers that outlines the specific responsibilities of the service provider and to the customer is called a(n)
on demand
Which type of computing refers to firms purchasing computing power from remote providers and paying only for the computing power they use?
programming the new software in house
Your firm needs to implement electronic timesheet software and needs to keep within a small budget. Which of the following would be the most costly method of implementing this new software?
autonomic computing
An industry-wide effort to develop systems that can configure, optimize, tune, and heal themselves when broken, and protect themselves from outside intruders and self-destruction is called
moving into a more scalable, on-demand environment
Which of the following is NOT a challenge being faced by Salesforce.com, as discussed in the chapter case?
a virtual company
uses the capabilities of other companies without being physically tied to those companies.
encouraging the sharing of knowledge across business units.
An information system can enhance core competencies by
If two organizations pool markets and expertise that result in lower costs and generate profits it is often referred to as creating
core competency
an activity that a firm excels as a world class leader
what is an activity that is a part of the organization's infrastructure, human resources, technology, and procurement that makes the delivery of the firm's products or services possible.
network economics
sees the cost of adding new members as inconsequential
Perform a strategic systems analysis.
You are consulting for a beverage distributor who is interested in determining the benefits it could achieve from implementing new information systems. What will you advise as the first step?
substitute products or services
To what competitive force did the printed encyclopedia industry succumb?
capital and labor
what are the primary production inputs that the organization uses to create products and services
strategic transitions
Sociotechnical changes affecting a firm adopting new information systems requiring organizational change can be considered
value chain model
what model highlights the primary or support activities that add a margin of value to a firm's products or services where information systems can best be applied to achieve a competitive advantage?
Which of the following activities would you perform to measure and compare your business processes to similar processes of other companies within your industry?
value web
A collection of independent firms that use information technology to coordinate their value chains to produce a product or service for a market collectively is called a(n)
internet technlogy
what makes it easy for rivals to compete on price alone?
inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, sales and marketing, and service.
The primary activities of a firm include
finance and accounting
responsible for financial records
data managment technology
software governing the organization of data on physical storage
assumptions, values accepted by most of a company's members
upper level hierarchy
managerial, technical and professional employees
operational management
responsible for measuring daily activities of a business
sales info
order data for baseball tickets and bar code data
this business objective is a necessity in the use of info systems
verizon's implimentation
improved decision making
transfers processed info to people who will use it or the activities it will be used
smart grid initiatives
operational excellence
can be achieved through technology
what is not true about collaboration?
internet and networking technologies
buying/selling over the internet
virtual worlds
communicate via texting
business intelligence
apps that allow managers to interactively manage data
hired by inspiration inc....
helps design programs and systems to find new sources of knowledge
helps EXpadite the flow