Expresate Ch. 4 Grammar

How much?
How many?
Yo tengo
I have
you, he, she has
Tu' tienes
you have
Nosotros(as) tenemos
we have
Vosotros(as) tene'is
Ya'll have
Ustedes/Ellos/Ellas tienen
Ya'll/They have
Tengo que ir a un ensayo
I have to go to a rehearsal
tener ganas de + infinitive
to feel like doing something
tener (mucha) hambre
to be (very) hungry
tener (mucha) sed
to be (very) thirsty
tener prisa
to be in a hurry
Yo vengo
I come
Tu' vienes
You come
you/he/she comes
Nosotros(as) venimos
We come
Vosotros(as) veni's
Ya'll come
Ustedes/Ellos/Ellas vienen
Ya'll/They come
A que' hora vienes al colegio?
What time do you come to school?
Vengo a las ocho en punto
I come at 8:00