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4 stages of complete metamorphisis

egg, larvae, pupa, adult

Insect that goes through complete metamorphis

Butterfly, fly, beetle, mosquito

stages of incomplete metmorphisis

egg, nymph, adult

insect that goes through incomplete metamorphisis

grasshopper, termite

centipedes have ______ legs per segment

1 pair per segment

Insecte three body segments are

head, thorax, abdomen

Insects have _____ pair of legs


Insects belong to the subphylum


the name of the main jaw in insects -


the larva of the fly is


underdeveloped infertile female bee


insects born to perform a certain job in the society. This is called

Division of labor

male bee


most millepedes feed on

decayed plants

study of insects


Hind wing of the grasshopper is used for

lift while jumping

beetle larva


pupa of a butterfly


uniramia means

one branch

insects are


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