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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The resolution of disputes in ways other than those involved in the traditional judicial process


The settle of a dispute by submitting it to a disinterested third party (other than court) who renders a decision
The decision may or may not be legally binding

Concurrent Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction that exists when two different courts have the power to hear a case

Diversity of Citizenship

Basis for federal court jurisdiction over a lawsuit between: (1) Citizens of different states (2) A foreign country and citizens of state or of different states (3) Citizens of a state and citizens or subjects of a foreign country (*) must be more than 75,000$

Federal Question

A question that pertains to the US Constitution, acts of Congress, or treaties
A federal question provides a basis for federal jurisdiction

In personam Jurisdiction

Court jurisdiction over the "person" involved in a legal action

In rem Jurisdiction

Court jurisdiction over a defendant's property


The authority of a court to hear and decide a specific action

Long Arm Statute

A state statute that permits a state to obtain personal jurisdiction over nonresident states and their nonresident defendants


A method of settling disputes outside of court by using the services of a neutral third party (mediator)
The mediator acts as a communicating agent between the parties and suggests ways in which the parties can resolve their disputes


In regard to dispute settlement, a process in which parties attempt to settle their dispute without going to court, with or without attorneys to represent them

Question of Fact

In a lawsuit, an issue involving the facts (jury and judge)

Question of Law

In a lawsuit, an issue involving the application or interpretation of a law

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