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Series of light and dark bands of varying width that related to alphanumeric symbols; they can correspond to the patients name and identification numbers.

Diagnostic Specimens

Speiments collected to be used to make a diagnosis.

Infectious Substances

Substances that are known or are reasonably expected to contain pathogens.

Pneumatic Tube Systems

Transportation system used i many health care facilities for specimens and paper based documentation, considerations for use of these systems involves evaluation of speed, distance, control mechanisms, shock absorbency, sizes of carries and breakage/spillage rates.


Refers to the lab testing phases in which tests are ordered and specimens are collected and prepared for testing.


The patients right to respectful consideration of confidential nature of his/her health information.


Paper based method for requesting laboratory tests.

Specimen Collection Manual

Electronic or paper based document required by accrediting agencies that includes instructions for patient prepartions.


Substance introduced into the blood or blood specimens to keep it from clotting.

Blood Drawing Chair

Chair specifically designed to hold a patient comfortably and safely in a proper position during and after a blood collection.

Capillary Tubes

Disposable narrow-bore pipettes that are used for pediatric blood collections and microhemocrit measures.

Gauge Number

Refers to the size (diameter) of the internal bore of needle; the larger the number the smaller the bore size; vice versa


An anticoagulant that prevents blood clotting by inactivating thrombin and thromboplastin the blood - clotting chemicals in the body.

Latex Allergy

Reaction to certain proteins in latex rubber, a natural ingredient in some varieties of gloves.


Specialized collection devices designed for small quantities of blood; some containing anticoagulants.

Multiple Sample Needles

Used with evacuated tubes method of blood collection, these needles are attached to holder/adapter and allow for multiple specimen tubes fills and changes without blood leakage.

Single Sample Needles

Used for collecting blood sample from a syringe.

Sterile Gauze Pad

Typically used in blood collection procedures either curing the decontamination process and/or after blood collection to aid in stopping bleeding.

Vacuum (Evacuated) Tubes

Colored coded specimen collection tube that contains a vacuum so as to aspirate blood when a needle enters a patients vein.

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