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  1. underlined
  2. Numerically from top to bottom
  3. True
  4. False
  1. a You may key a source ntoe outside the table, or you may insert a new row in the table for it.
  2. b Row in a table are labled
  3. c A table should have no more than 4 columns
  4. d If you table does not include gridlines, then the last entry in an amount column with a total should be ________.

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  1. Tables are most attractive when they are centered horizontally on the page.
  2. All columns in a table must be of the same width
  3. Tables are used to organize and present data in a concise logical way.
  4. Columns in a table are labeled _________ from left to right.
  5. The basic building blocks of tables are columns and cells

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  1. TrueWhen you complete a table, you should always proofread you work before closing or printing the file.


  2. TrueIf gridlines do not print on your table you should underline column headings.


  3. FalseThe main title in a table should be centered in the first column of the table.


  4. DescendingYou can yse the Sort feature to arrange text in a table in either ascending or __________ order.


  5. bodyData rows usually are either center-aligned or bottom-aligned.