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  1. symbolic interactionism
  2. stereotyping
  3. These are examples of her ascribed status
  4. I
  5. We occupy a status, we play a role
  1. a Jane is a 49-year-old woman of Irish-German descent. What do these characteristics have in common?
  2. b The difference between status and role is that ________.
  3. c Which sociological perspective is most closely linked to microsociology?
  4. d Mead describes the active, creative, and spontaneous part of the self as the ________.
  5. e Believing that all football players are academically challenged, that all African Americans are great athletes, and that all women can cook well are examples of ________.

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  1. True or False Without language there can be no culture, no shared way of life.
  2. Of the following traits and abilities, which one would George Herbert Mead consider MOST essential for an individual to be a full-fledged member of society?
  3. The presentation of self in everyday life, also called dramaturgy, was developed by ________
  4. The typical patterns of a group, such as its usual relationships between men and women or students and teachers, are referred to as ________.
  5. The presentation of self in everyday life, also called dramaturgy, was developed by ________.

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  1. organic solidarityAccording to Durkheim, when a society increases in size, its division of labor becomes more specialized. People begin to depend upon one another and become interdependent. This form of social cohesion was a concept that he termed ________.


  2. dramaturgyT or F: In Piaget's model for children's development of reasoning skills, the term "reasoning skills" is synonymous with the term "operational" as it is used in the theory.


  3. suspend Frank's driving privileges for a month and discuss with Frank the dangers of drinking and drivingWhich statement regarding status is MOST accurate?


  4. personal spaceT or F: All master statuses are achieved statuses


  5. background assumptionsIn ethnomethodology, the ideas we take for granted that underlie our behavior and that we violate at our risk are called ________.


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