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  1. False
  2. how we want others to perceive us
  3. Their location in the social structure has created the difference between Milo's and Jim's reactions.
  4. We occupy a status, we play a role
  5. True
  1. a T or F: The sociological significance of social structure is that it guides our behavior.
  2. b Milo, a highly successful attorney, just received a $200 ticket for speeding. Jim, an unemployed father of six, received a $50 fine for parking in a restricted area. Milo considers his $200 ticket an inconvenience, but Jim sees his $50 fine as a financial disaster. Why do Milo and Jim feel so differently about their fines, even though Milo's is four times greater than Jim's?
  3. c The difference between status and role is that ________.
  4. d T or F: All master statuses are achieved statuses
  5. e In the context of dramaturgy, impression management deals with ____________.

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  1. The presentation of self in everyday life, also called dramaturgy, was developed by ________.
  2. T or F: When Professor Jones is before his class lecturing, he has assumed the front stage, based on the terminology used in dramaturgy.
  3. Jane is a 49-year-old woman of Irish-German descent. What do these characteristics have in common?
  4. Mead describes the active, creative, and spontaneous part of the self as the ________.
  5. Which statement regarding status is MOST accurate?

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  1. FalseTrue or False Without language there can be no culture, no shared way of life.


  2. The orphans raised by the mentally impaired scored an average of 28 points higher than those raised by trained professionals.Of the following traits and abilities, which one would George Herbert Mead consider MOST essential for an individual to be a full-fledged member of society?


  3. personal spaceHilda is studying at the library. She has placed her coat on the chair next to her and has spread books in front of the other chairs. Hilda is trying to extend her ________ so others do not invade it.


  4. They are a groupTrue or False Without language there can be no culture, no shared way of life.


  5. stereotypingTrue or False Without language there can be no culture, no shared way of life.