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Social Welfare
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Federal Reserve SystemWhat government agency has authority over monetary policy?Fiscal PolicyThe impact of taxes, spending, and borrowing on the federal budget is called:Congress and presidentwho controls fiscal policy?Entitlement programsWhat is the term for government benefits individuals are entitled to regardless of need?Social Security and MedicareWhat are the two main government Entitlement ProgramsMeans-Tested programsWhat are programs called that benefit only those with specific stamps and MedicaidList two Means-Tested programs."Deserving poor"What do you call a person who's poverty was out of their control?"Undeserving poor"What do you call a person who has chosen to be dependent?$49445What was the median income in the US according to the 2010 census?NODoes the Us offer more economic opportunity for the poor than any other democracyincomeis the amount of money collected between 2 points in time.wealthis the total value of assets owned.15.2%What percent of the population is classified as "poor?""feminization of poverty"Term for the acknowledgement that poverty is specifically a problem for single moms.Social Security and MedicareWhat 2 government programs have reduced the poverty rate among the elderly?Taxation and expendituresName the 2 principle wats government affects income.take a higher % from lower income peopleExplain why sales taxes are regressiveTransfer PaymentsBenefits given given directly to individuals like Social Security, Food Stamps, and College Loans are called:F. D. RooseveltWhich president was responsible for the creation of Social Security?Lyndon JohnsonWhich president expanded welfare programs?Ronald ReaganWhich president "declared war" on anti-poverty programs?1-Each state had a fixed budget for welfare programs 2-beneficiaries had to find work within 2 years 3-lifetime maximum of 5 years.List 3 provisions of Clinton's Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act.Life expectancy has gone up. Not as many paying.Give two reasons why there are more beneficiaries of Social Security payments than payees into the program.YESDoes the US spend proportionally more on healthcare than any other industrialized country?It is LowerHow does the life expectancy in the US compare to other industrialized nations?It is HigherHow does infant mortality rate in the US compare to other industrialized nations?"defensive medicine"What do you call a doctors order to do extra tests on a subject in order to prevent being sued?drives it upHow does "defensive medicine" impact the cost of US health care?insurance plansHow do most Americans pay for healthcare?EmployersWho provides insurance for most Americans?limits choice of doctor and treatmentsWhat is a drawback of HMO coverage?age 65 and olderFor whom does Medicare provide healthcarepoor peoplefor whom does Medicaid provide care?1-pro business 2-Privatization 3-Anti Tax3 core beliefs of the conservativeAdam SmithCoined the term "The Invisible Hand" in his book "The Wealth of Nations"Laissez Faire"Let Alone"1-pro labor/consumer 2-public over private sector -tax and spend3 core beliefs of the liberalFDA, USDA, EPA, NTSB, FAA, SEC, CCsafety and health regulations examplesOliver Wendell HolmesStated "Taxes are the price we pay for civilized society."Hospitalization and short term nursingMedicare Part A coversolder people who need non hospital medical expensesMedicare Part B coversprescription drugsMedicare part D coversHarry S. TrumanFirst president to call for National Health Insurance?American Medical AssociationWhich interest group opposed Harry S. Truman's call for National Health InsuranceAARDPowerful interest group that lobbies for issues benefiting the elderly.Harry and LouiseHealth insurance characters who blasted Clinton's plan1-end health discrimination 2-cap out-of-pocket expenses for insured 3-allow children to be under parents insurance until age 26 4-eliminate extra charges for preventive care 5-close gap in medicare's coverage for prescription drugs5 provisions of Obama'z Affordable Care Act that are supported by most people1-expand Medicaid eligibility 2-require employers to provide health insurance 3-provide tax credits3 reasons many oppose the Affordable Care ActYES, in 2012Did the Supreme Court strike down the ACA as unconstitutional?Alaska and Louisiana2 states with worst oil spillsEnvironmental protection AgencyLargest federal independent regulatory agencyadministering environmental quality policiesWhat is the EPA's purposeAn environmental impact statementWhat does the National Environmental Policy Act require government and private enterprises to submit prior to embarking on a project?Clean Air Act of 1970What law regulates emissions of autos, refineries, and power plants?runoffWhat is the most significant cause if water pollution?4%What percent of the US is designated Wilderness?Endangered Species Act of 1973What law was designed to prevent the extinction of wildlife"God Squad"What is the name of the cabinet level committee created to allow exceptions to interests?tax on chemical productsWhat source of money is used to clean up toxic waste?Acid Rain ProgramWhat government program allow high emission companies to purchase "pollution credits" from low emission companies, rewarding the non-polluters and charging those who pollute