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Environmental Design 543 Exam 1

Whatever their purpose, the Ain Ghazal statuettes, are different from Paleolithic figures. Which of the following provides the most valid justification for this assertion?
Their size and sophisticated technique
The Ziggurat at Ur can best be described as a:
Sumerian temple base
A predominant theme found in the narrative reliefs of Assyrians was which of the following:
War and hunting
The stylistic conventions of rigidly frontal symmetry, abnormally large eyes, and tightly clasped hands are most characteristic of the early art of:
One of the reasons researchers have theorized that the Chaco people did not actually live on the site was because very little household refuse (i.e. trash mounds) was ever discovered. True of False?
In style and concept, the mural of the Deer Hunt from Catal Hoyuk is a world apart from the wall paintings of the Paleolithic period. Which of the following statements most supports this assertion?
The regular appearance of the human figure and the coherent groupings
Sumerians first developed the invention of writing to keep record of the following:
Record of possessions for commercial transactions
Bull's horns, widely thought to be a symbol of masculine potency, were common motifs found in rooms nominally titled "shires" even though their functions are uncertain. Where is this site?
Catal Hoyuk
Persian relief figure sculpture can be distinguished from earlier Mesopotamian styles by:
Forms are more rounded
The structures built by the Chaco people were awe-inspiring not only because of their perfect symmetry and perfect alignment with the rising and the setting of the moon and the sun's cycles but also because of the 12 generations of people required to plan and design such an expansive site. True of False?
1. Which of the following is the best explanation for the representative view of the residential garden?
They combined plan and elevational views together compositely
Who was Imhotep?
The first known architect named and credited for the building of the stepped pyramid of Djoser
Stone columns lining the long entrance corridor to King Djoser's funerary precinct in much earlier times would have been made out of what material?
Bundles of reeds, plant materials
The most important factor influencing the prosperity of ancient Egypt was which of the following?
The flooding of the Nile
Egyptian art--with the exception of the Amarna period--can be described as which of the following?
Conservative and formulaic
At high-ranking official homes trees were planted to provide shelter from dust, shade, and food. True or false?
Mastaba-tomb interiors became quite large and accommodated a number of storage rooms and compartments. What was the function of the tomb shaft that connected the burial chamber with the outside?
Provided access for the Ka
The Ancient Egyptian believed the unification of Egypt took place in a single great event. Which of the following is a record of that great event?
Palette of Narmer
All except one of the following typify Ancient Egyptian paintings and reliefs:
Narratives illustrate the king very much as an ordinary man
Which is true about the Hyksos?
They introduced new techniques in war to the Egyptians
Which of the following describes the function of the pyramids?
They served as a reminder of the absolute power of the pharaoh
In the Old Kingdom this structure adjoined the pyramid and was the site where offerings were made to the dead king and ceremonies were performed. Which of the following does this describe?
Mortuary Temple
The Lion Gate is the gateway to:
What form of arch is above the lintel of the Lion Gate?
Corbelled arch
What is a megaron?
A reception hall
Minoans coated the rough fabric of their rubble walls with a fine white lime plaster that required rapid execution and great skill. Which painting method would allow for this lively method?
True fresco
Minoan columns at Knossos are distinguished by:
Tapering shape and bulbous capitals
Which culture is most associated with war from the following choices?
The funerary practice of the Mycenaeans, covering the faces of the dead with gold masks, recalls what other culture?
Tiryns was:
A fortified citadel
Where can you find the fresco of leaping bull?
Which of the following provides information about the Minoan religion?
La Parisienne fresco, Knossos
Which is true of the origin of the world "labyrinth?"
It is derived from the name for double axe representing the Minoan goddess and
it is the name given to the palace at Knossos because of its maze-like arrangement of space
How did Minoans alter the landscape around their palaces?
They planted fragrant herbs in areas where the breeze would blow the smell over the palace
Who or what was the Minotaur?
Half bull, half man
Which of the following elements showed that the new palace at Knossos was carefully planned?
Attention paid to illumination and ventilation
Cycladic figurines having the same form took on different meanings in different contexts. What accounts for this?
Found in both cemeteries and settlements
What is the typical subject of art from the Aegean world, one example of which is the Spring Fresco?
Joy in nature by the sea
A good example of a building in the Ionic style is the:
Temple of Athena Nike, Acropolis
What is the Greek female idealized figure called?
Which structure from the Athenian Acropolis has four sides of very different character with each side resting on different ground levels?
What building servers as the gateway to the Acropolis in Athens?
What is the Greek marketplace called?
What are the female maidens on the porch of the Erechtheion called?
A Diplyon vase would most likely be found in which of the following?
An Athenian cemetery of the Classical period
Composite monsters were popular in the other ancient cultures, however, which of the following was a purple Greek invention?
The earliest Greek temple with sculptural decorations is:
Temple A, Prinias
Black figure ceramics would most likely be found more in conjunction with the art of which of the following periods?
Archaic and Early Classical
Approximately when did democratic principles become established in Athens?
2500 years ago
The Orientalizing period of art is so named because of the exposure of early Greeks to the art of which two places?
The near East and Egypt
Unlike their counterparts in the Near East, Greek Gods assumed human form. Which of the following is another characteristic of the Greek Gods?
They were immortals
Who sculpted the 38' tall stature of Athena housed within the Parthenon?
When compared to the Classical style, Greek Hellenistic art could be characterized as:
More realistic and emotional
Which one out of these was a Greek colony in Egypt that brought the Greeks into direct contact with Egyptian monumental architecture?